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Just take a minute to think about yourself ...

Think about your life experience, how you were bought up, the good times and the not so good and how you fixed problems along the way. Remember your successes, how you coped with failures and how people helped you to become the person you are today.

But I’ve no experience...

Ok, you might or might not have any experience of fostering, but you have a lot of the resources and skills it takes to work with people, and if you are interested in working with children, to apply to be a foster carer.

Maybe my life experience means I could foster...

Now you know you are eligible, don’t let those doubtful feelings get in the way because when you do what comes naturally, being a foster carer will give you more happiness, self-satisfaction and independence.

What about my age...

Oh, and children who need keeping safe from harm don’t mind how old you are, and neither do agencies, you just need to be fit and well.

Enjoy watching our video below and find out what we can do for you…

Who are we?
We are a free support service if you are interested in becoming a foster carer, or if you’re an existing foster carer.

I’m new to this
The information on our web site will help you to decide if foster caring is for you and if it is, we can help you to find the most suitable agencies with vacancies on our UK Database.

I want to change my agency
A qualified social worker will find an agency that suits you better, then negotiate better terms, on your behalf.

Choosing an agency

It’s not uncommon for carers to give up, or transfer between agencies every year…

Free Handbook

You can download the Handbook after you have submitted the contact form…

What we do to help you to get the best possible start...


  • Match you with suitable agencies

    Check your details carefully, so we can decide which agencies would suit you best

  • Identify local agencies who are recruiting

    Identify those agencies on our database, that are recruiting in your area

  • Forward your details

    On the same day we receive your enquiry, forward your details to those agencies

  • Request contact

    Request that the agencies contact you within three working days, using the method you identified in your enquiry form

I want to foster
People want to help children to be safe from more harm and to make a huge difference in children’s lives. Those that were teachers, nurses, social workers and other childcare workers wanted to use their existing skills to work from home as foster carers: Ofsted

A new career
Being a foster carer means being approved to look after children in your home and to earn a reasonable living. The career solution can now be considered as a job which provides a reasonable income and which enables people to become self employed and to work from home…

Types of placements
There are different types of placements, babies, children, teenagers, most carers choose before they are approved by their agency. Not all children who have to live permanently away from their birth family need to be adopted so instead they can go in to long term…

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Free Handbook
Download the comprehensive Fostering Children Handbook after you have submitted the contact form. The term ‘fostering social worker’ is used to describe the worker who supports the carer. The social workers are also known as Family Placement Officers…










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