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A huge dilemma

Fulltime Foster Carer - Harriet author of: A Less Ordinary Family

A huge dilemma


Well this week saw the return of a familiar friend of ours – tonsillitis.  Lauren had come back from a day out complaining of a headache, being very over sensitive about everything and generally not feeling too great.  During the night, she came into our bedroom, not really aware of what time it was, delirious with a high temperature.  I decided it was Charlie’s turn to deal with this one, and dispatched him downstairs to get the Paracetamol and some water.  We get Lauren settled, and go back to sleep hoping that the morning will bring about a miraculous change, but we have been here too many times before!

Lo and behold, in the morning Lauren is not better and a quick glance down her throat reveals that once again she is suffering from tonsillitis.  This is a regular event for her, and the last bout was only a few weeks ago.

I now faced a huge dilemma.  Alice has two hospital appointments – one at 9am and one at 1pm.  I had to make a choice of whether to cancel her appointments.  The first one was her Urology appointment which I really needed to go to – especially after the series of urine infections she has had over the last few months. The second appointment was for Physio and Orthotics – and an important first fit of her new KAFO orthotics which are going to help her walk. Postponing this one will put everything back by several months.  Charlie rejigs his work day and takes the morning off to stay at home with Lauren while I take Alice to the Urology appointment.  I was glad I went – it was good news – the urine infection seems to have settled.  We also talked about her bowels and how things are not always consistent in the movement department – he prescribed an enema for the days when things are not moving!!

I walked round to the Physio to let them know we would have to cancel the afternoon appointment.  I hate giving such short notice – but it really couldn’t be helped.  To my surprise the physio said she would go and find the Orthotist and see if they could squeeze her in before the clinic started.   It is amazing when things work out – this was one of those times and I was very grateful that they could fit her in so we had no missed appointments!!

We rushed home so that Charlie could get to work and get Lauren to the GP.  The doctor backs up our diagnosis, he was quite impressed with her 40.2 degree temperature and prescribes the usual dose of antibiotics, throat spray, paracetamol and ibuprofen.  Alice could not cope with Lauren getting all the attention from the doctor and began complaining of a sore throat and popping ears.  The GP very kindly checked her over and confirmed her ears and throat were clear.

We returned home with what seemed like half of the chemist shop, and Lauren climbed back into bed.  We did not see her for the rest of the day. Some people might argue that at least it is the holidays, and there is plenty of time for Lauren to recover.  But normal life doesn’t stop just because it is the holidays, and there are plenty of appointments and other activities that I will need to reschedule!  I am so grateful that due to the nature of Charlie’s work, he is able to work from home so that I can at least get out of the house and get the shopping done for the week.

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