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Alice will forgive me

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Alice will forgive me

Thursday 28th April

It has definitely been ‘one of those days’! When we move Lauren and Annie are going to be having their own rooms again. I decided that the bunk beds that they have had for the last eight years are really not up to be moved house again. To be honest they have been in a bit of disrepair for a while, but with moving on the horizon I have put off getting new beds.

So I placed an order for new beds to be delivered to the new house. As with most deliveries they give you a morning or afternoon slot. I was given a morning slot of 7am till 12 noon. So I left Charlie with the girls and drove over to the new house half an hour away to sit and wait for the delivery. I did make good use of the time. We had already had some Ikea furniture delivered, so I started to assemble some of the drawers. After the sixth drawer it started to feel like Groundhog Day with with the repetition.

An hour after I arrived, Charlie called to ask if I had driven to the new house with Alice’s wheelchair in the boot… Ooops! What a mistake to make. The only choice is to borrow a buggy from our neighbour to get her to school. Once she is there she can go straight into her standing frame and I will get her wheelchair back to her once the delivery has arrived. I cannot believe I had made such a mistake, I hope Alice will forgive me!!

Finally the delivery arrived at 11am. The delivery guys unloaded the beds and took them straight to the girls bedrooms. It was only when it came to signing the paperwork that they realised there was a mistake with a part of the order. After twenty minutes of phone calls the delivery company said they needed to return the whole order and I would have to cancel and re-order it. So frustrating. This means it has been a waste of a morning – and I will have to do it all over again when I place the new order.

I returned Alice’s wheelchair to school. Fortunately she saw the funny side of it!

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