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animal rescue centre


The Kittens

The girls have wanted to get cats for a long time. Over the years we have borrowed or fostered cats from time to time.  We always said after we have moved and after the summer holidays we will think about getting a coulee of cats.  We will definitely not be getting kittens.  I wanted cats of about 1 year old.

So I don’t know what it was that possessed me, but on thursday when Charlie got home from work, I told everyone we were going out for a ride in the car.  Off we went to the local RSPCA animal rescue centre.

I think partly my decision was that Lauren has found the move difficult.  She is a extrovert child and gets her energy from being with people.  Not only does she miss her friends, not have a new school, with classmates, she is also now in her own bedroom as Annie desperately wanted to have her own room when we moved.  So the move for Lauren has been a challenge.  One of the things that she loves is animals. Any animal, but mostly cats!!  She has spent hours researching cats, spending her money on books about cat care and looking up rescue cats on all the animal rescue websites.  So in a moment of weakness and empathy I felt that getting the cats earlier would be a good idea.  I think perhaps they will help her to have a focus and may help her to feel a bit more settled.

When we got to the animal centre, the girls were giddy, they could not believe we had gone there.  I told them that getting cats was not a certainty but we were just coming to look.  The assistant showed us to the area where the cats were that matched our requirements.  At least 1 year old and good with children.  Not sure why but none of them really seemed to be right.  And then out of the corner of our eyes we spotted a litter of 7 week old kittens.

That was the end of that, we were smitten, we signed up there are then! We returned two days later to collect Fili and Kili, and life will never be the same again!

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