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BLOG A new day

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BLOG A new day

Monday’s Fostering Blog

Today was another one of those mornings I would rather forget.  It is a week until half term and it certainly feels like we are on our knees crawling to the holiday.  This has been a long half term, and this morning I would say it was a week too long!

This morning we had a catalogue of disasters.  Firstly the morning was slightly chaotic, I had forgotten that Charlie was leaving for work before 8am.  I hadn’t made the packed lunches yet, Alice was on a go slow with her breakfast and Lauren was chasing the kittens around the house rather than getting ready.  Annie got a lift in to school early with her friend to go play badminton before school.  It was not long after she left that she sent a text to say that she had left her school tie at home.  It was in the bottom drawer and could I get it to her.  I quickly rang her to explain that no I could not get it to her.  I had to take Alice and Lauren to school, and daddy was not at home.  I could hear the panic in her voice and she started to cry.

She has got a bit used to Charlie and I baling her out when she forgets things.  Last week when she left her school planner at home, I told her that one day we wouldn’t be able to drop everything and get it to her.  Today was that day.  I quickly rang her and asked her to get her friends mum to drop her back home.  She would need to come and look for the tie herself, then she would need to walk back to school as I was not able to take her.

She came back in tears.  After quickly turning her room upside down we found the tie. She changed out of her PE kit and into uniform and was soon on her way.  After I few minutes we exchanged some silly texts and she soon felt better.  Hopefully this will help her to get everything ready the night before – well that and my usual nagging!

Lost ties was the running theme of the morning as Alice’s tie was also nowhere in sight.  We searched every place it is usually put and concluded that it must have ended up in one of the toy boxes.  Fortunately Lauren remembered that she had a spare tie, and she went and fetched it for Alice to borrow.  It was about twice the size of Alice’s tie but it would do until we could find her one.  Another panic over.   Mornings like these always seem to happen when Charlie is out.

Again I realise how blessed we are that we have each other to share the load and at the end of day we laugh about it all, and look forward to a new day tomorrow.
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