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BLOG – disco lights

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BLOG – disco lights

Sunday’s Fostering Blog

Today Alice went to an ice-skating party. She does not get invited to many parties. I have to admit when she received the invitation, I had mixed emotions. Firstly I felt joy that she had been invited to a party. She has only been at her new school for a term, so its lovely for her to be included. I also felt dread – the thought of taking her to the ice-rink was not something I was looking forward to.

Our last experience at an ice-rink was not good. When we arrived the manager told us that she could not go on the ice. We had rung ahead to check and the staff said it would be fine. So it was very disappointing for her that time. This was a different experience altogether. The friend’s mother had been to the rink and spoke to management. They had assured her that Alice could go on the ice and the pre-booked her a ride-on Walrus!

When we got there, the staff could not have been more helpful. The stewards offered to push her around the ice. Although we didn’t need this as a helper had already been organised by the mum, it was very much appreciated. Not only was she able to ride around on the “Walrus”, later on she was able to go on the ice in her wheelchair. It was great to see her pushing her wheels across the ice, dancing to the music under the disco lights!

We have so often experienced difficult times when out, it was so refreshing to go to a venue where she really was fully included. I was also totally impressed with the mum who had been so thoughtful in making sure Alice could join in (and this was all before the invitation was sent out!). It is good to remember that some days just fall into place. There are some days when Alice is fully included and her disability really doesn’t hold her back. We must hold onto these good days – and remind ourselves of them when times are a little trickier. Now if only Lauren and Annie were interested in ice-skating… this could become a more regular day out!!!

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