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Blog – i spy

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Blog – i spy

Sunday’s Fostering Blog

Today we went to visit some friends who have recently moved down to the Cotswolds. It is only just over an hour away, so we decide to take the scenic route. We all enjoyed the views along the country roads through the back roads of Warwickshire and Worcestershire towards their new house in the heart of the cotswolds area. The children enjoyed looking at how different the houses looked in this area, noticing that many were made of stone, with even the garden fences replaced with dry stone walls, and the very narrow steep roads – all so different to the flat roads where we now live. It made the game of “i spy” much more interesting!

We decided to go out to a restaurant for lunch. This can often bring out the drama in Alice, so we try to play it cool and not make too much of it. Within 5 seconds of being seated in the restaurant, Alice had spotted the waitress at the other side of the restaurant. She kept turning around to look at her, until she got her attention and soon reeled her in. The waitress started up a conversation with Alice, and returned within minutes with a notebook and pens for her.

Alice was hyper-alert to every little move that waitress made, whenever she came anywhere near – she would do something to grab her attention and reel her back in.
Lauren and Annie shared knowing glances across the table. I am not sure how many time my eyes rolled round. Charlie kept nudging me and telling me to ignore it. Sometimes though when you have spotted something, you cannot take it back, you cannot un-notice it!

When she didn’t have the attention of the waitress, she played a game of “staring at Lauren until she looks at me, then I will complain she’s looking at me, which will wind Lauren up until she loses her temper”. No matter how many times we tell Lauren not to ‘bite’, she cant’s help herself. And so the drama continues! We have learned over time and from experience that such visits to restaurants are an important lesson for us all in exercising patience!

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