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BLOG – One of those days

Fulltime Foster Carer - Harriet author of: A Less Ordinary Family

BLOG – One of those days

Friday’s Foster Care Blog

To coincide with Charlie finishing two weeks of Jury Service and the end of three days with no heating and hot water whilst our boiler is being replaced, the house of illness has returned. Annie has a horrible cough and cold, Alice has a snotty nose and Charlie has a chest infection, and we discovered this morning that Lauren has an infection in her toe. It is up to me to keep everyone going. Charlie and Lauren both have antibiotics and Annie is keeping topped up on paracetamol and ibuprofen. We need to get through the next two weeks until school finishes. It has not helped that the plumber left one of the radiator taps on when he turned the water back on. We had water pouring through a light fitting in our kitchen ceiling. He could not have been more apologetic about the mistake. I now have the job of cleaning up the mess and getting the carpet at the top of the stairs cleaned. We fortunately have a Vax carpet cleaner and after a good going over with the carpet cleaner and a mop of the kitchen floor the signs of the mini flood had disappeared. The plumber assured me that the ceiling would soon dry out. He checked the electrics and found they had already dried out, he then finalised the final gas safety checks and was on his way.

To be honest I would have been annoyed about the mini flood and the extra cleaning up it caused me, but I was ready to forgive anything as the plumber left me with a warm house and a boiler that would give me hot water on demand. It is amazing what you take for granted, and heating and hot water are two of those things. Having been without both over the last few days, I am very much appreciating the lovely warm radiators and the thought of a VERY long shower is something I am looking forward to!

After the all events of the morning, I decide to sit down and have a cup of tea. The phone rang. It was school. The first thing the secretary tells me is that both the children are ok. I breathe a sigh of relief. However she was calling me to let me know that Alice’s personal carer had gone home sick from school, so they would need me to go in and to do her catheter. Charlie is always teasing me that I never finish a cup of tea. He finds them around the house where I have left them. This cup of tea is not destined to be drunk today. It will either stay where it is for Charlie to find this evening or I will attempt to microwave it later and finish it. I have been known to microwave the same cup of tea several times before it eventually gets thrown away. Today feels like it will be one of those days!

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