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BLOG – spending a fortune

Fulltime Foster Carer - Harriet author of: A Less Ordinary Family

BLOG – spending a fortune

Saturday’s Fostering Blog

Today has been a hectic day.  Alice has started going to a Saturday club for disabled children.  It runs for two hours once a fortnight.  It is about 20 minutes drive away, so in reality we get a break for about an hour and a half before we have to return to pick her up from the club.  It is however a great opportunity to spend time with Lauren and Annie.  This week we are catching up on jobs, so we have to pop into town for a few chores.  Lauren’s passport is about to run out, so we need to get new photographs taken.  We are not due to go abroad, but I don’t want it to expire – just in case!  We have realised that this will be her last child passport. It doesn’t seem like five minutes since we were ordering her first passport!

Annie is in the school production and we have been sorting out a costume for her. She has a small part in the chorus, and school only provide costumes for the main characters, so the costume is up to us to sort out.  Last week we managed to find a sequin dress in a charity shop. I have a sewing machine so was able to make the alterations so it would fit her.  I ordered a feather boa from eBay and attached it to a bolero she already had.  The last thing on the list to sort is shoes – fortunately we catch the end of the sales so don’t end up spending a fortune!

After all this is done, and after we treat the girls to a hot chocolate, we head back to pick up Alice, who has had a brilliant time at her club.  It is nice to have a car full of happy children as we head home, and two satisfied parents who have managed to get all the items on their ‘to-do’ list achieved!  This may seem like nothing much to get excited about, but trust us, this qualifies as a good day.

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