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BLOG – The new car

Fulltime Foster Carer - Harriet author of: A Less Ordinary Family

BLOG – The new car

Monday’s Fostering Blog

We have been driving a hire car for last six weeks while we have been waiting for our new car to be delivered.  Our car was stolen off the drive recently and as we had already ordered its replacement we were provided with a hire car until the replacement arrived.  We are so fortunate that we have not gone without a vehicle during this time.  We have a car through the Motability scheme because Alice qualifies for the higher rate in the mobility part of the Disability Living Allowance.  Rather than get the money each month we have opted to get a Motability car instead.  For us, it is a far better use of the money.  We need a car that is large enough to carry five passengers, a wheelchair and have plenty of boot room for all the extra stuff we cart around.

Our own family car was much smaller and we did not want to get finance on a bigger car, when the only reason we needed a larger car was because of fostering a child with additional needs.  So just over three years ago we took the plunge and ordered our first motability vehicle.  We realised what a good deal we got, all we paid was a one off downpayment and we got a brand new people carrier for three years, which also included car insurance, road tax, servicing, new tyres when needed, RAC breakdown cover etc.

So after this time of waiting we picked up the new car today.  Alice was very quick to point out that she got the first go in the car – as we had to put her into the new car seat first before we got in.  We were amazed to find all the extras that have been included in this model, including parking assist, heated front seats, sat nav etc.  I know I’m going to have to spend an evening going through the car manual to work out how everything works.  Although we have the same make and model as we did before, it’s amazing what has changed with the technology in just three years.

Despite all the extras on the car we still feel nervous about the security of the car.  We have another car with keyless security and worry that this too could get stolen off the drive.  A friend suggested getting a security post fitted at the end of our drive.  After careful thought and knowing myself all too well, I don’t think this is such a good idea.  I am pretty sure I would end up driving into it before the parking sensors warn me of its presence.

So instead we have gone old school. We drove straight from picking the car up to the nearest Halfords. We bought their most expensive StopLock.  We are hoping the StopLock will at least deter any potential thieves.  We will just have to wait an see…

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