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Car is stolen

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Car is stolen

Tuesday Blog

This week we have mostly been trying to sort out all the many issues that arise when your car is stolen!  As time is passing by, it is looking more and more likely that we will never see the car again.  There has been no word from the Police. They do not even come out to investigate.  As far as we can see from our own research there have been a spate of thefts involving keyless cars, where the thieves have some kind of device to override the cars computer.  However, we have thought of another problem.  The car that was stolen is due to be replaced in December.  The car on order – is another Ford with keyless technology!  That means another car which will also be susceptible to being stolen…sigh.  We have started to think about how we can protect our car, as the one we have chosen is really the most suitable for our needs with Alice.  One solution would be to fit a security bollard for our driveway – which would deter potential thieves, but this would only work while the car is parked at home.  We may have to go ‘old school’ when parking out and about, and get a Steering Wheel Lock or Stop Lock!   It is ridiculous to think  a car worth around £34,000 is not better protected from theft.

The most frustrating thing I have faced this week is the numerous customer service employees I have spoken to at the Blue Badge Department of the local council.  You get the feeling sometimes that you are putting them out by telephoning them!  It doesn’t help when you have to explain that you are not ringing about yourself, but about a child you foster.  This always seems to confuse bureaucrats!  All I have been trying to do is replace the Blue Badge that was stolen along with the car.

I first called over a week ago on the day the car was stolen.  I was told in no uncertain terms that as we no longer lived in the area the previous badge was issued that it was going to be problematic.  I had a choice – I could either drive over and get the new badge (not an option without a car) or apply for a new one in the area which we now lived (this could take weeks). I could not believe how inflexible they were.  They didn’t take into account the circumstances we found ourselves in.  Those were the rules and that was it. After demanding to speak to a manager, I finally spoke to someone with an ounce of compassion. She agreed to reissue the badge and post it to me. I paid the administration fee immediately and was told it would be with me in 3 – 5 days. There…that wasn’t so difficult!  Or so it would seem…

So its now been 7 days and still no sign of the badge. We go on holiday on Saturday so we are very keen to get the badge before we go.  Unfortunately I now have Cruella DeVille on the phone and she can’t even look at the notes on the file until I have given her details of Alice’s religion, ethnic origin and doctors surgery. I politely asked why she needed this information.  She bellowed back that she couldn’t proceed without the missing information.  After giving the details she looked at the file and assured me it had been posted and I would receive the badge the next day.  I left the conversation with little confidence that this would actually happen.  Had they even reissued the badge, let alone posted it?  I will have to exercise a little more patience and hope it arrives before the holiday!

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