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Fostering Blog | Alice is safe

Fulltime Foster Carer - Harriet author of: A Less Ordinary Family

Fostering Blog | Alice is safe

Monday’s Fostering Blog

So the half term holiday is over already and it’s back to school today. Our hearts sank a little as we woke up to torrential rain. It’s hard to believe that it is June and I feel like we need to put the heating on in the house. I resist the urge and encourage everyone to get moving and put a jumper or another layer on. We cannot possibly put the heating on in June!!

The down side of such a day is that we will have to brave the school run in the rain. Not so tricky for me and Lauren but for Alice in a wheelchair it’s another matter. If her wheelchair gets wet she will be sitting in a wet chair all day. There is little chance to dry it out so we have to ensure (as far as is possible) that not only she stays dry but her chair also remains as dry as possible. Easier said than done!!

I have discovered over the last four years that anything you buy with a “disability” label seems to have at least an extra zero on the price to a normal item! For example a cosy toes for a pushchair might set you back around £20 but something similar for wheelchairs you can at least double if not triple the cost. When Alice was younger we would simply use a pushchair cosy toes and that would pretty much do the job. However, now she is a little bigger we have hat to rethink how we do things. If I was a little bit more handy on a sewing machine I’m sure I could rustle something up. However, I have neither the time nor the inclination to do such a thing.

Fortunately a friend suggested I join a couple of groups on Facebook specifically dedicated to items for children with disabilities and additional needs. These groups have become invaluable over the years. Many people share their ideas and there are many items to buy directly from sellers. As with most things for children many items are a complete waste of time but there are certainly gems to be found and one such a gem is a “Bundle Bean” this is essentially a cosy toes – but specifically designed for a wheelchair. It has long extra straps in various places to attach to both the child and the wheelchair, ensuring that both the child and the chair itself does not get wet. It also comes in a handy carry bag, so when not in use can be stored away easily. This item has been fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone with a child or adult in a wheelchair. It allows them access to their wheels and keep them dry waste down as well as being fleecy and warm. So whilst the rest of us are getting wet on the school run Alice is safe under her Bundle Bean keeping dry and cosy until she gets to school.

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