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Fostering Blog | Alice out of school

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Fostering Blog | Alice out of school

Wednesday’s Fostering Blog

There are many appointments which have to take place during the school day. As a rule, wherever possible I do try to make appointments after school so to avoid the disruption that taking Alice out of school causes. Her education must be effected by the high number of appointments she has. We will probably never know the actual impact to has. Fortunately today’s appointment at the community dentist was made just after the school day, and I knew if I took the car and went straight from school we could make it just in time without having to take her out of school early. So after a quick handover from the teaching assistant we were soon on our way and arrived just in time.

I always go to these appointments with a little trepidation as I never know what kind of mood Alice will be in. On previous occasions she has got into the dental chair and been an absolute angel, on other occasions she has been a complete nightmare. The last time we came was one such occasion. Once she realised it was not a simple, and that she needed to have some fillings and sealants on her teeth, the little angel soon turned into a fiend.

It is unfortunate that Alice has very weak teeth – this is a result of poor nutrition in her early years. As a result she has to have regular appointments and treatment in between check ups. When she was first placed us, her teeth were in a terrible state. It was very likely that they were not brushed at all. Her diet was high in sugar – this meant she had to have four rotten teeth removed at the dental hospital. Since then we have managed to keep things settled. I have been told that it is likely she will need lots of treatment as she gets older.

Today was a good day. Firstly, she was very compliant with Community Dentist and secondly, she was over the moon to find out that this time she just needed a fluoride varnish. No fillings and no sealants today! I have to say she wasn’t the only one who was relieved!! We both left the dentist in one piece. Charlie had already started cooking dinner so when we got home we could relax until teatime. It has to be said, not all days are difficult. In fact there are some days when it actually feels like we are making progress!

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