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Fostering Blog | Happy Alice

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As I opened the curtains this morning, I was quite shocked to see a snow scene from the window. It had certainly snowed this time. My first thought was that I had not yet found the waterproof spray for my coat, the second thought was that I was going to have to manage Alice’s emotions when she realises it has snowed and its not quite so easy for her to go out and play in the snow as it is for Annie and Lauren. Alice is in a wheelchair and snow is not so easy to get through. She also has problems with her circulation due to the complexities of her physical disabilities, so cold weather is not great. We can usually manage things for a short while, but then we get the fall out from Alice as she really does not understand and to her it simply isn’t fair.

So I take a deep breath before I wake the girls. Annie and Lauren are over the moon, they get straight up, and after wolfing down their breakfast in 5 seconds they get dressed, add layers of warm clothes, and then waterproofs over the top, and put their wellies on. They leave the house to go and call for the neighbours. It was so lovely to see the girls outside playing with their friends in the street, building snow men, snow dogs and cats, a huge a huge snow slide. Most of all they were building memories – these will last a life time.

Then there was Alice, I got her up and dressed and took her down for breakfast. I took my time, as I knew the longer I took then I could probably get away with not being out for so long. Eventually, after I was ready, we went outside. There was no way of getting Alice’s wheelchair out in the thick snow, so Charlie brought a sledge round to the front door.

Alice was pretty happy to be sat in the sledge being pulled round. If she had sat upright then we would have managed to stay outside a little longer, but as she insisted on leaning out of the sledge, gathering in as much snow as she could, she got cold quite quickly, very cold indeed. So with much shouting and tears, we had to take her inside. After getting dried and warm, I put on a movie and made her hot chocolate. I know it wasn’t the same as being out with the girls and their friends, but we know her limits!

It was a couple of hours before Annie and Lauren eventually came in. They too were freezing!! They were glad of a chance to get warm and dry. I have a feeling we might be in for a couple of snow days this time!!

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