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Frogs and Alice

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Frogs and Alice

Fostering Alice Blog.


We have been waiting for this day for several months. Today, we are travelling down to Watford to the Harry Potter tour. Lauren and Annie have been fans of the Harry Potter books and films for a couple of years and they have been desperate to go to the studio’s where the films were made. Although Alice has never read any of the books or seen the films, we felt that she is now old enough to enjoy the tour. We had been recommended it by several friends who said that she would enjoy or the visual stuff there and it wouldn’t really matter that she hadn’t actually seen any of it.

I think they were right, she had a lovely day despite not really having a clue about any of it. Annie and Lauren enjoyed it too – but they had a clue about everything – every prop, painting, costume and set – they were totally enthralled with it all. It was well worth the wait and the effort of getting down there. I loved seeing their faces as they went round, as they recognised things from each of the stories.

One thing none of us were prepared for was the prices in the shop. The girls had all taken their pocket money and had saved their Christmas money too – but it was not enough. I nearly choked when they told me the cost of a chocolate frog – £9 each!!! Wow!! I can see where they are making their money. Lauren managed to scrape enough money together to buy a map, Annie bought a scarf and Alice chose a soft toy. In the end Charlie and I bought them each a chocolate frog – that is definitely the most expensive chocolate we have ever bought (£27 for 3 chocolate frogs!!!) – let’s hope it taste good!!

All in all it was a good day out!! No major drama’s from anyone! Everyone had a souvenir, but mostly we came away with happy memories – and a hankering to go back and watch the movies again – think we will wait till Alice is in bed!!

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