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I am so glad that I was at home

Fulltime Foster Carer - Harriet author of: A Less Ordinary Family

I am so glad that I was at home

So it started off as a ‘normal’ school day.

So it started off as a ‘normal’ school day. Rushing around trying to get bags and coats and school books ready so that Annie can be out of the door at 8.15am and I can get out with Lauren and Alice by 8.30am for the school run. There is the usual panic at the last minute when one have them has misplaced something vital or forgotten to brush their teeth or hair.

Today it was only when we got up to school that Lauren realised she had forgotten to take her clarinet for band practice. Usually I end up rushing back to get it for her, and I briefly entertained the idea that she could take responsibility for her actions and explain to the music teacher she had forgotten!

Fortunately, her friend from next door had also forgotten – so they could go together – safety in numbers!

So after the mad rush of the school run, I head home for a quick cuppa. My phone starts ringing in my pocket. It’s Annie. She’s not allowed to use her phone at school so I immediately know there is something wrong. She tells me that school is closing and they have to come home immediately.

She asks if her friend Millie can come too as her parents are at work. Ten minutes later they both arrive home looking at little flustered and wondering whats happened at school – burst pipe or gas leak was top of their list. It was not long before we receive the text from school to inform us that four local high schools had taken the decision to close as there had been a bomb threat. The police were investigating and they would keep us informed.

I decided not to tell the girls. After all Millie’s parents were at work and I didn’t know how they would want to tell her. Annie and Millie enjoyed an unexpected day off, we made hot chocolate and cookies, and after the usual girlie gossips they settled down to watch a movie.

I am so glad that I was at home – that Lauren knew she could come straight back with her friend to the safety of our home.  Being a foster carer for Alice means that this is my full-time job, and at such times I realise that being available in the day-time has its benefits!  I could make the most of an unplanned evacuation from school.

It turned out to be a fun day.  We later got the message to say that after an investigation the call turned out to be a hoax.

School would be opening tomorrow – business as usual!

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