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So today is D-Day

Fulltime Foster Carer - Harriet author of: A Less Ordinary Family

So today is D-Day

Thursday 14th April

So today is D-Day. The Local Education Authority in the area we are moving to, are meeting to decide about Alice’s school place. We have been waiting for nearly four months for our own Local Authority to negotiate with the local schools. After they were unable to secure a place for her at any of the local schools, they have passed her case on. So the local LEA can now overturn the decision of any of the schools that have previously said no.

While I am waiting, I met with the Headteacher of Lauren’s school. We have found out in advance that there are no year 5 places at all. We have to wait until we move in and then apply to appeal for the local school. This will mean that it is likely she will be out of school for a least a few weeks. Lauren is over the moon at the prospect. She has a romantic idea of being “Home Schooled” – I think she thinks she’ll be on for an easy life. She could not be further from the truth. Her Headteacher has very kindly offered to support us. He is going to give us enough resources to keep us going to the end of the current school year!

It’s horrible when you are waiting for a call or email. I might have been a little bit over the top in checking my phone all day. Finally, we get a call from the new caseworker. It is good news. But nothing is ever straight forward. The LEA have overturned the decision of the most local school – our first choice! However, because they had previously said they could not meet her needs, they now have to negotiate with the Headteacher. Unfortunately the manager who does these negotiations will not be in until next week. So we will have to wait until the decision is confirmed.

We are really keen for this to happen quickly. We move in five weeks time and we would love Alice to have some transition time in her new school. It is true to say though that we do not always share the same priorities as those who have the power to make things happen. For now we must be patient and wait for negotiations to take place.

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