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Tearful Alice

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Tearful Alice

Alice – Fostering Blogs

School out for summer!!! So relieved to finally get here!! I thought it would be nice to take an ice lolly up to school when collecting Alice. The weather has been so ridiculously hot – and even the short walk home can be unbearable. I got up to school with perfect timing – as I walked through the school gate the classroom door was just opening and out poured the kids. I waited and waited and there was no sign of Alice or her one-to-one support or classroom teacher. After five minutes, I went to ask the classroom assistant. She went in to find them. Another five minutes passed and eventually I could see Alice coming, with a very red face, she had obviously been crying and was still wiping away tears.

It transpired that she had got very upset because it was the end of term. She was sad because the crossing patrol lady is retiring and she would miss her, she was also sad because she would not see her teachers until September. I find it hard to understand some of the things that she gets attached to and other things you would expect her to – she just has no attachment to. To make matters far worse the lolly I was no holding had turned to liquid – this poured salt on the wound and was of course my fault. She then launched into an attack of why I had let it melt and that I needed to get her another one.

Well at least she had now changed her mind about why she was upset and we managed to move away from the classroom. I did not hear the end of it until we got home. I breather in very slowly, counted to ten (several times) and tried to think of my happy place (sometime in the middle of next week when Alice would be at holiday club). We finally got home and fortunately there was another ice lolly in the freezer.

Ordinarily I would not have indulged such an outburst, but today this was not a sword I was willing to die on – choose your battles – if not for your child but for to keep your own sanity!!

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