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Unicorns on the ceiling!

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Unicorns on the ceiling!

  • Saturday 27th February
  • In the summer we are moving house.  It is an exciting move for us all.  We are moving because Charlie has been relocated with work.  We are excited because we will be moving to a bigger house in an area where there is lots of green open space.  We currently live in an urban area, so we are delighted to be moving to somewhere a little more rural. The good thing is that we have known for a while that we are moving, so it has given us lots of time to get the children ready for the move.  We have had lots of visits to the area over the last few months, showing the girls where the local schools, shops and parks are.
  • Today, we had the opportunity to visit the new house that we will be moving to.  This has been especially important for Alice, who does not cope well with change.  We were able to show her where her new room is as well as the layout of the rest of the house.  It’s hard to imagine what it will actually look like with all our furniture in.  We are able to talk to Alice about the theme and colours she would like in her new room.  We want her input so that she will enjoy being in her new room, and that she will know she has had a choice about the way it looks and feels.
  • We think it’s really important for Alice to feel part of the process, to feel included in the conversations – it all helps for her to feel part of the family – giving her the security that she needs.  Perhaps this is one of the things we often take for granted in our birth families – the feeling of involvement.  When we involve someone in our lives, when we seek their opinion, and listen as they speak and share, we communicate something more than involvement – we communicate a sense of value.  Maybe Alice is too little to understand fully that this involvement means we value her, but it starts to build a foundation in her life that what she thinks and feels really matter to us – even when the combination of colours she asks for are really….interesting!
  • We are really lucky to be able to have a really long transition with this move.  I know this is very unusual and not possible for most people.  We have the opportunity to get to know the area and people in the area before we even move.  It’s good for Alice, and it’s also good for Lauren and Annie.  We must ensure that we do not forget about their transition too.  It is going to be a big change for all of us!  But it also represents a wonderful opportunity – an opportunity to value our children by asking for and actively seeking their involvement.  Even when this might mean pink, green and purple walls, with unicorns on the ceiling!
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