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After the week from hell it was nice to look forward to a nice relaxing weekend. I then got a call to offer me a vaccination at my local vaccination hub, on Saturday morning. James (name changed) wanted to come with me, probably to laugh. So we took ourselves off, on Saturday, to a site about a twenty minute drive away. The organisation was excellent and I was in and out in ten minutes.

I was warned about side effects and drove home. The only initial discomfort was on the arm that was injected. We had already agreed that we would have a takeaway in case I had an adverse and it proved to be a good decision.

As the evening wore on I begun to feel hot and ache all over. James went to bed and I went into my room shortly after. It was a very restless night, even after a couple of Paracetamol. I woke up still feeling rough but, fortunately, James was having a lie in so I didn’t need to rush to get up.

The rest of the day I still felt a bit rough and generally ached all over, but as the day went on I started to feel better. James had amused himself with his Zoom meeting with both mates and with Paige, so I could take it easy.

Sunday was a bit of a write off but the weather wasn’t great so it wasn’t really a great loss. We both pottered and did a few chores. I had a food delivery coming so there was no real need to go out. By the end of the day I felt reasonably normal.

We watched the last game of the day which was interrupted by a number withheld call on James’, mine and the home phone. No messages were left but it was obvious who it was. I updated my diary and James headed off to bed whilst I locked up and checked everything was switched off.

It was back to normality on Monday with all the usual stuff to do. James cracked on with his schoolwork while I made a few calls and checked emails. After all of that we went for a long walk, a bit longer than an hour but we needed it after being cooped up most of the weekend.

We walked past the barracks and watched the Royal Horse Artillery doing their stuff in their exercise. James said that he would like to join the Army. I told him that it was a great career and that it was certainly something to consider. We finished our walk and prepared dinner.

James was the chef and he knocked up sausage and mash which, I have to say, was delicious. Obviously there was football to watch and we spent a nice evening laughing and watching an entertaining game. James was looking at something on his phone and he showed me the website for the Army, which he was reading.

He said that it was exciting to think about and he was definitely considering it. Mind you he had also seriously considered a career in football and catering as well. I told him that he just needed to focus on school for now. He headed off to bed in a very good mood.

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