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Holiday Alice

Fostering Alice Blog Friday Today we are heading home. Although we had originally planned to come here fore a week, we were offered a last minute respite weekend. No amount of sun and sea could stop us having a couple of nights break. The holiday has been mainly relaxing, with only a handful of tears […]

Freedom Alice

Alice – Foster Carers Blog Sunday The half term break could not have come sooner. After a week of juggling between looking after the family, Alice’s regular appointments, and daily visits to my grandmother, I have been more than ready for a few days break. A very dear friend has generously given us the use […]

Complex Alice

Alice – Fostering Blog Friday. Today I am hoping for a slightly less eventful day. After the drama yesterday of my grandmother going into hospital after a fall, she was discharged that same morning. Unfortunately, it turned out that they had not actually given her an x-ray on a suspected broken arm, but sent her […]

Alice and Grandma

Alice – Fostering Blog Thursday. There are many weeks when you feel like you are being torn between many things – and not just between your foster child and your own children (this does happen on many occasion!!), but also to other commitments in your life. Charlie and I hold the Power of Attorney for […]

Frogs and Alice

Fostering Alice Blog. Sunday. We have been waiting for this day for several months. Today, we are travelling down to Watford to the Harry Potter tour. Lauren and Annie have been fans of the Harry Potter books and films for a couple of years and they have been desperate to go to the studio’s where […]

All about Alice Blog

Fostering Alice Foster Care Bog Tuesday. There are lots of days when I feel like I am juggling too many things. I am pretty sure most people feel like this from time to time – but from my perspective they are definitely hiding it better than I do. Maybe they are just ok on the […]

January Christmas

Fostering Alice Blog Friday It was Charlie’s works “Christmas Do” at lunch time today. I’m not sure exactly why they have it in January – but apparently that’s what they always have done – and its definitely not our place to question why!! Anyway they invite ‘spouses’ to the lunch too – so that means […]

Blog | Fostering Panel

Fostering Alice Blog Tuesday I popped into the city this morning to do a little shopping, whilst I was in the queue at John Lewis I saw some old friends Fiona and Peter. Charlie and I went to University with them over twenty years ago. I hadn’t realised that they had moved to the other […]

Alice’s Birthday

Fostering Alice Blog Thursday. Today is Alice’s birthday. I am sure many families have the same feeling with birthdays so close to Christmas – but what on earth is there left to get her? To be honest I do most of the birthday present shopping when I am doing the Christmas present shopping in November […]

Fostering Alice Blog

Alice – Fostering Blog Tuesday Today is the day I am filing my tax return. Every year I tell myself that I will not leave it to the last minute and that when I receive the notification from the Inland Revenue in April I will get it filed straight away. So far this has just […]