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Lazy mornings fostering Alice

Alice – Fostering Blogs. Tuesday. The first couple of days have been good so far. Charlie and I have taken it in turns to have a later start to the morning. We haven’t seen Lauren or Annie before 11am. You could almost set your alarm clock to Alice waking up – she is always awake […]

Alice Holiday

Alice – Fostering Blog Sunday We have just started a two week holiday on the south coast. It could not have come soon enough as we have felt pretty tired over the last few weeks. Although we had a week away at the start of the summer holiday – a week camping was not exactly […]

Fostering Alice Blog | Big hugs

Alice – Fostering Blog Wednesday Alice has gone to holiday club today. She was picked up by the staff at 8.30am and is not dues back util 4:30pm. They are off to a local wildlife park for the day. The trip is organised by our local disability charity. They pretty much think of everything. They […]

Fostering Alice | Making a difference

Alice – Fostering Blog Monday Whilst social services are at breaking point being for lack of resources, social workers being overstretched and carrying far too many cases, unlike many families we have had a fair bit of consistency in terms of having the same social worker and seeing her on a regular basis (a little […]

Entertaining Alice

Alice’s Foster Care Blog After weeks of experiencing the longest heatwave in my loving memory, we head into what must be the wettest day of the year so far – to put up a tent and begin a week of camping. What on earth were we thinking? This is typical!! We arrive in good time […]

Camping with Alice

Alice’s Fostering Blog Wednesday. What a week – the heat has been stifling and we have hardly been able to leave the house. We are off camping next week, so we have been trying to sort out all our equipment. Last year our tent broke in torrential rain – letting in water the Lauren and […]

Tearful Alice

Alice – Fostering Blogs Friday School out for summer!!! So relieved to finally get here!! I thought it would be nice to take an ice lolly up to school when collecting Alice. The weather has been so ridiculously hot – and even the short walk home can be unbearable. I got up to school with […]

Finish line

Alice – Fostering Blogs Wednesday. I could have done with term ending a week ago. I’m pretty sure I say this every year but this summer term is definitely a week too long. We have friends whose kids are in private schools and they seem to have got it right as they broke up over […]

Meltdown Alice

Fostering Alice Blog Friday In a bid to change everyone’s attention away from the football, I tried to get the girls to watch Wimbledon. Whilst there were no British players left in the singles, there were still Brits in the doubles and wheelchair tennis. I though Alice might be interested in wheelchair tennis. Whilst her […]

Angry Alice

Alice – Fostering Blog Thursday Although Charlie is very much into football it hasn’t really filtered down to any of the girls, and being honest it’s not something that I take an interest in. Lauren our youngest birth daughter, took a little interest when Charlie managed to get tickets to Wembley recently, but it soon […]