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Alice’s history

Alice – Fostering Blog. Friday. Today has been one of those blissful days with no plans whatsoever. I had recently found our old camcorder and a whole stack of mini DV tapes that we had take when our two birth children Annie and Lauren were babies and toddlers. I realised I had never actually put […]

Two chiefs

Alice – Fostering Blog Tuesday. Every year we go away camping in the summer. We go to a place in Somerset where they run kids groups all day. Aside from the camping part it is great. I am not a natural camper, and it has to be said every year I question what on earth […]

Fostering Alice | LAC reviews

Fostering Blog – Alice Thursday. So that little more patience that I had at the start of the week has started to wear a little thin. I swear that child knows I’ve been extra patient and she is testing me to the limits. To be honest with children like Alice who have attachment disorder this […]

Fostering Blog | Grumpy Alice

Fostering Blog – Alice Monday We are just about back to ‘normal’ after Lauren’s bout of tonsillitis. I say ‘normal’ but you know what I mean – our normal not normal normal!! It’s a new week and that means a fresh start. For once I feel like I am ready to tackle the week, I […]

Fostering Blogs | Needy Alice

Fostering Blogs – Needy Alice Sunday. I have to admit I’m starting to feel like I’ve got cabin fever – probably due to a lack of vitamin D. Lauren is still poorly and still feeling very sorry for herself. She has barely moved from her room in three days. I managed to coax her downstairs […]

Fostering Blogs | Alice says

Fostering Blog – Alice Says Thursday It has not been a great start to the day. Firstly for some unknown reason we all overslept, Annie rushed into the bathroom to have a shower, Charlie then rushed downstairs to the loo to vomit as he had woken up with a migraine and Annie then went to […]

Ordinary Alice Days

Fostering Alice Blog Thursday. Fortunately Alice seems to have shaken off the doldrums and we are enjoying a few days pottering during this half term. This is one of the first years we haven’t been away for spring bank holiday. Charlie doesn’t have annual leave this week and is working from home – so I […]

Active Listening

Fostering Alice – Fostering Blog Tuesday. Last week I was able to dodge an extra hospital appointment by being bold in asking the hospital whether it was really necessary – as we have an appointment booked for next week anyway. At the time I thought it was a good call, but yesterday I was slightly […]

Long Term Alice

Fostering Alice Blog Thursday. One of the most frequent questions asked to us when people find out we are foster carers is ‘Are you going to adopt Alice’. It is so awkward. And it’s not just well meaning people either. I will never forget when our first foster child was placed with us, the social […]

Testing Alice

Fostering Alice Blog Monday. Today I received a recall letter from our local children’s hospital for Alice for later this week. The nursing team at the renal department want to see her following her recent bout of urine infections. We had an appointment a couple of weeks ago and started a course of bladder washouts […]