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Rotas and pigs

Alice – Fostering Blog Friday. I am not sure why I thought getting pets for the children was a good idea – I guess I thought it would teach them about responsibility of looking after something. A couple of years ago I thought it would be a great idea to get the girls guinea pigs […]

Floating Boats

Alice – Fostering Blog Wednesday. We have had my Aunt to stay for a few days over the Easter break. Often having visitors (particularly ones to stay) causes lots of extra issues with Alice. Her attachment issues normally go into overdrive, and it can make our visitors feel particularly uncomfortable. Fortunately, my Aunt has been […]

Easter eggs

Fostering Alice Blog. Sunday. Today is Easter Day!! I have decided today to relax a little and not worry too much about the girls chocolate consumption!! I may have had that thought a little too soon, as when we arrived at church, Alice received a glut of Easter Eggs. It seemed pretty unfair the amount […]

Social etiquette

Fostering Blog Thursday. Easter could not have come soon enough. I was surprised how early it was this year, and how short the half half term was. Although the term has been short it has felt like it has dragged. I guess it hasn’t been helped by the dreadful weather we have had over the […]

Casual disregard

Alice – Fostering Blog. Saturday. I was sad to read in the news this morning that Frank Gardner a BBC News correspondent was left stranded on an airplane at Heathrow airport when his wheelchair could not be located. When his plane landed from Ethiopia the ground staff at the airport said his wheelchair could not […]

Happy Places

Alice – Fostering Blog Thursday. It is never dull in a fostering household. If there isn’t a drama occurring with your foster child or your own birth children, then it will be something in your own life. This week Charlie has been pretty stressed at work. His boss is pretty chaotic at the best of […]


Alice – Fostering Blog Monday We bumped into some old friends a few weeks back, they were just about to be approved to become foster carers. They got in touch this morning to tell us that they had been unanimously approved and had been awaiting their first placement. I had a strange sense of dejavu. […]

Alice’s IRO

Alice – Fostering Blog Thursday. Talk about needing to count to ten. I think I need to count to a thousand. And this time it’s nothing to do with any of the children. Social workers can be very frustrating. Today’s meeting did not exactly go according to plan. It didn’t help that the local authority […]

Holiday Alice

Fostering Alice Blog Friday Today we are heading home. Although we had originally planned to come here fore a week, we were offered a last minute respite weekend. No amount of sun and sea could stop us having a couple of nights break. The holiday has been mainly relaxing, with only a handful of tears […]

Freedom Alice

Alice – Foster Carers Blog Sunday The half term break could not have come sooner. After a week of juggling between looking after the family, Alice’s regular appointments, and daily visits to my grandmother, I have been more than ready for a few days break. A very dear friend has generously given us the use […]