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Football Trial Blog

Fostering Blog – Fosterman. Football, football, football, if James (name changed) isn’t watching it then he’s playing it, either on grass, at school or on his PlayStation. I don’t mind as it keeps him fit and happy and takes his mind off of other issues. Last weekend he had a match on both Saturday and […]

Fosterman Fostering Blog

Fostering Blog – Rowdy Teens. James (name changed) left for school at the normal time and I pondered what to do with my day. Id pretty much done all the housework and the cupboards were full. The fish tank was clean. The washing basket was empty. So I took myself off to the gym in […]

Prison Release Blog

Fostering Blog – Fosterman. With James (name changed) back to school it was time to get back into some kind of meaningful routine again. We had had a busy weekend, James had two football matches, the won both, and we generally made ourselves busy. So it was nice to have the house to myself for […]