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Exercise Blog

Fostering Blogs. We went from Tier 2 to Tier in a matter of hours. I felt sorry for James (name changed) as his football match was cancelled. Fortunately we had both already done our Christmas shopping and I’d already done all of our food shopping. My sons are coming over Christmas day morning so we […]

Fostering Blog | Christmas

Fostering Blog Our peaceful week continued! James (name changed) had a good time at school, there were no phone calls, messages or visits and I actually got all my Christmas shopping done. That feeling of dread when a phone rang or the front door bell went off soon disappeared. So it was time to try […]

Foster Care Blog Mexican Standoff

Fostering Blog I don’t know how many times I have heard foster carers saying that the worst part about fostering is not the children but the parents. Well James’ (name changed) Mum is certainly going all out to live up to that belief. We hadn’t really planned much for the weekend, James’ football was still […]