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Foster Children and Bullying

Bullying in foster care Bullying in foster care in the UK is a significant issue. Children and young people  are commonly bullied up to the age of 18, and the effects of bullying can be equally, if not more severe as the victim gets older. This is why it is important that you as a foster […]

Dr. Sue joins forces with Simply Fostering

Children in the care system Have you ever lost something you know still exists? Perhaps it was an old picture, a sentimental letter or your favorite pair of shoes. Initially, you search and search for the item but you cannot recover it. It eats away at you, day after day, until you are lucky enough […]

Fostering or Adoption? The differences

Adoption or Fostering? Adoption Legal process – Court Order Adoption is a legal process by which all parental rights and responsibilities are permanently transferred to the adoptive parents by a court. The child legally becomes part of the adoptive family, as if they had been born into it, usually taking the family’s surname. Adoption has […]