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Behaviour issues

It’s Tuesday morning.  School rang and informed me that Hannah was not going swimming this week because of her behaviour.

I thought isn’t swimming  part of the national curriculum,  by using withdrawal of that provision as a consequence for poor behaviour the school are interfering with her learning needs. To their annoyance I asked to see a copy of the school’s behaviour policy and asked to speak to the head teacher. I wanted to be sure that the steps in the policy were fully followed. I managed to get this changed instead of missing Swimming she couldn’t go on the computer in her free time, this gave her a positive message about the behaviour as she was quite upset over this.

At home small consequences invoked fairly and quickly work well for her. I remember she hated swimming the first time we took her but since making sure swimming is fun and enjoyable she has really come on, so I didn’t want a setback. Hannah only been back at School a week but I think the Christmas holidays have upset her routine and she has a new teacher so he is pushing boundaries.

There must be something in the water today as I just had lunch when the College rang this time about Dan, this is his second day back at College and he had been seen a number of times throwing a bottle, displaying very immature childlike behaviours, hitting other students on the head, running around and using his mobile during lessons. He has a new Tutor and by the sounds of she is not putting up with any unwanted behaviours. I spoke with her and we decided on a course of action and how to take this forward. I was pleased she rang; I think we both agreed that this was better dealt with immediately so he got the message and settled back down this term.

When Dan came home, he was looking rather sheepish and he knew she had phoned me, he also knew from over the years that if I get a call from School or now the College then that meant he would lose something of his choice. We discussed the situation and I told him the Tutor will keep in touch the minute she feels he is crossing the line. For Dan he needs this, nip the behaviour straight away or it will escalate and I actually feel he behaves better when he knows someone is looking out for him. Then we went over the ongoing boundaries; no texting or calling, turn the phone off in lessons, keep your hands to yourself, don’t get involved in silly behaviour and do not throw things. –

My thoughts are by telling him how proud I am and to date all he has achieved made him think about the types of choices he was making which could impact on his future.

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