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We went from Tier 2 to Tier in a matter of hours. I felt sorry for James (name changed) as his football match was cancelled. Fortunately we had both already done our Christmas shopping and I’d already done all of our food shopping. My sons are coming over Christmas day morning so we are pretty much sorted.

I said to James that we need to be more active over Christmas and try to walk every day, which he seemed keen to do. We have a number of parks and woodlands nearby so there didn’t really seem to be an excuse for not doing it. So we set a target of 5 miles a day.

I’d let James use my spare i-phone so he can monitor his exercise and I’ve also set him up on my digital scales so he can monitor his weight etc. Not only does it give him a way of checking his weight but it’s quite educational for him to see how his BMI and bone mass correlate to his weight. I downloaded the app onto the phone that he’s using so he can monitor himself.

So we started today, a nice brisk walk around the local park keeping a distance from the other walkers. It was a cold, damp day so we didn’t stop to rest. James was keeping us updated on how far we had walked and he was enjoying that aspect of it. It is also amazing how much you see, when walking, that you don’t see when you are in the car.

We walked through London’s oldest woodland, past a castle, past a huge army barracks complex and then past a palace. All in a short walk from home. James was taking pictures like a tourist and taking it all in and we got home feeling refreshed from our walk.

We sat and watched a harry Potter film, James’ choice not mine, and we made plans for the next few days, leading up to Christmas day.

I asked James if he wanted to call Mum over the holiday and he said that he’d think about it. I said that it would be a nice thing to do and he said that he probably would. Funnily enough, the next day, there was a card from Mum for him.

Inside there was a letter saying that she couldn’t afford a present this year and that she was very poor and if he had a chance could he send some money to her, also enclosing her bank details. James laughed, said fat chance, and put the card on the shelf, along with the others.

I asked James about Paige and he said that he had hoped to see her in the week but understood that he couldn’t, due to restrictions.

He had a present for her and she had one for him so I told him to call her and find out when it would be convenient to pop round there to exchange. We organised a time and evening and added that to our calendars.

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