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Foster Care Blog Mexican Standoff

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I don’t know how many times I have heard foster carers saying that the worst part about fostering is not the children but the parents. Well James’ (name changed) Mum is certainly going all out to live up to that belief.

We hadn’t really planned much for the weekend, James’ football was still suspended and we knew that the shops would be very busy so we decided to have a lazy weekend of TV football and eating too much.

Saturday we went for a walk up the local woods for some exercise and it was very cold. James had a coat but it was becoming a bit of a snug fit so we decided that a new coat was the order of the day. We headed off to Sports Direct as that’s where James had seen a coat on a previous visit.

The retail park was absolutely rammed and it took us several laps of the car park to find a space. We found a coat that he liked, which fitted and was warm enough, and got out as quickly as possible. We were then stalked back to the car by a desperate car driver. We got in the car and went to reverse out but there were two cars involved in a ‘Mexican standoff’ both after my parking space which meant I was going nowhere.

We sat there for about 10 minutes, surrounded and going nowhere. In the end I had to resort to some ‘industrial language’ in order to resolve the situation and we finally got away leaving the two drivers to sort out who the space belonged to.

Once we got home we got ourselves some lunch and sat down for a Saturday football marathon. It was about 4pm when James’ phone went, it was a withheld number. James and I looked at each other and he ignored it.

We later found out that she attempted to call on no fewer than 12 occasions from 4pm until 7:30 pm. I logged all the times in my diary and screen shot the call list on James’ phone. Finally the calls topped and we could relax. We had dinner and awaited the third, and last, game at 8ish. About 9:30pm there was a knock on the door. Luckily I have one of the fancy door bells which comes up on my phone. There was a bloke standing there by himself.

I asked what he wanted and he demanded to talk to James. James came over and looked at my phone and said it was the guy that was driving the car when Mum came over. I told him that he was wasting his time and to please leave. He didn’t which left me with no other option than to call the Police.

They told the guy to leave the area immediately, which he did. The Police came in and we explained everything to them and they said that they would flag the property for a quick response should anything happen again. I then called my Supervising Social Worker just to provide an update and then emailed James’ Social Worker to let her know what had happened.

Sunday was peaceful though! No calls or issues. We had a nice walk and then James and I cooked a roast and we, yes you guessed it, watched the football.

A Simply Fostering Blogging Foster Carer.

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