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I have to say that it’s quite strange being home alone again. With James (name changed) back at school it was down to me to find things to do.

I had to carry on walking and trying to stay active and eat sensibly. Once James left, in the morning, it was ok what do I do now? James was full of being back at school with his friends and girlfriend but I still couldn’t socialise with my friends.

The days of meeting for a pint or two seemed like a long time ago. So I went out for a walk and picked up a few bits in the local shop and then headed home. It was still only lunchtime so I sat and watched the news while eating lunch.

I found a few chores to do in the afternoon and then double checked that all my Fostering paperwork was up to date. James got home about half four and was telling me about his day. He had some homework so settled down to do that while I prepared dinner. He asked about my day ad I laughed to myself as we sounded like a married couple. The evening revolved around football, of course, and James headed off to be about ten o’clock.

The next day was weirdly similar. However I had no chores to carry out so I found myself at a bit of a loss. I binged watched a crime series and had lunch. The weather was awful so I passed on the walk today. I found a Pilates video on YouTube so did that for forty five minutes. It felt good actually and I stretched out some muscles that I forgot I had. The Social Worker called later to find out how had James had got on going back to school. We had a chat about how the placement was going and also about Mum and her input. The Local Authority seemed happy about James’ treatment and how settled he was with me.

James texted me, during lunchtime, to say he was going to walk Paige home as he didn’t have any homework so he’d be a little later than usual, which was fine by me. He eventually got in at about half five and went and sorted his clothes out. We sat down to dinner and I told him about my day and the conversation with his Social Worker.

I had noticed that James had got less interested in talking about the whole Care situation. I had experienced this with previous teenage placements where all they wanted to do was get on with their lives and not get bogged down with being in Care.

They wanted to be treated like any other young person, which I could understand. James washed up and we settled down to another evening of football.

James had a call from Paige and he disappeared into his room for some privacy. He came back in to ask if he could go to Paige’s for dinner, the following night, which I agreed to.

He came back in, after we finished his call, and watched the rest of the football. James went off to bed and I cleared away and went to my room where I listened to music. Another day gone.

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