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Fostering Blog | A Victorious Day

Fostering Blog | A Victorious Day

Fostering Blog.

We had a great weekend. James’ (name changed) football was cancelled due to the Virus so we decided to have a day out. Having spent Friday deciding where we should go I decided upon Portsmouth as it’s not a long drive and there is lots to see there.

James hadn’t been there before so it was somewhere different for him to see. We set off in good time and the journey was uneventful and pretty quick. We found a parking place and set out to explore.

We went to Old Portsmouth and saw the Dockyard and HMS Victory as well as one of the new aircraft carriers which James was hugely impressed with. We then went to one of the piers and watched the Isle of Wight hovercraft set off.

We then went in the amusement arcade, on the pier, and spent a few pennies on the various machines before setting off in search of somewhere to eat. We found a nice chippy with a seated section and enjoyed cod and chips and I introduced James to mushy peas, which he seemed to enjoy.

We walked around the shopping centre which had some great shops and I treated us both to some new tops. We set off for home about 5 and the journey home was as straightforward as the journey home. James was asleep pretty much straight away, must have been the sea air, and we got home in a decent time.

Sunday was all about a big roast and watching football on the telly. James had some homework to finish, which he did, and it was a lovely chilled day. About 4pm James got a call from Mum. He was unsure about answering it, but he did. Surprisingly it was quite a positive call with Mum apologising about Christmas and asking James if he wanted her to ask the Social Worker about arranging a pre-Christmas contact. James said that he would think about it.

They made small talk for about 10 minutes then ended the call. James asked me what I thought about him seeing Mum before Christmas and I said that I thought it would be a good idea.

The following day James set off for school and at about 9:30 I got a call from the Social Worker saying that Mum had called her and what were my thoughts about a contact before Christmas. I said that it would be a good idea and that they could exchange gifts and it might help Mum focus on the rehabilitation she was going to go through.

So the Social Worker went off to organise dates and said she would get back to me. She called me about 2 hours later. Mum, apparently had now asked if James could stay over on a Saturday night so he was there the whole weekend. The Social Worker had said that it was unlikely and Mum had gone off on one and slammed the phone down.

That evening Mum tried to call James on a number of occasions but he wasn’t in the mood for the chat. He then came out and said that he suspected Mum would ask him for money and he didn’t want to give her any because he knew what it would be spent on.

So what I thought would be a nice opportunity for them to meet turned out to have ulterior motives. You live and learn.

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