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We decided to go to our local supermarket today to pick up some fruit, as we are trying to eat healthily. James (name changed) had completed his schoolwork so we jumped in the car and headed off.

When we got to the entrance there was a right commotion going on with Police and the security wrestling with a man and a woman shouting. James and I stood and watched while the man was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed.

The woman was shouting, saying that the man was asthmatic and he couldn’t wear a mask because of that. So all that fuss was down to a man not wearing a mask?

So we carried on with our shopping and got the bits we wanted. At the till James packed the shopping and the cashier stated that my son was really helpful. James and I just smiled at each other. Lesson one of fostering should be that you never correct people when they refer to your young person as your son or daughter.

I remember being at a training course where a carer told the room that she always did and when challenged she said that she didn’t want people to think any bad behaviour was down to her. I don’t think I could have disagreed any more if I tried.

There are times where it is obvious the child isn’t yours, due to ethnicity, but I still don’t offer up the fact that the child is in care. I bumped in to an old work colleague, not very long ago, who asked what work I was doing now.

I told him and he laughed and said “when are you going to get a proper job”. I explained what fostering was all about and about a week later his wife rang and asked about my agency and she contacted them and they start the process soon.

I often recommend people to foster, I think it’s a great profession and you are doing an excellent job helping children whose parents are finding it difficult to cope for a whole variety of reasons.

We got home and James did his Zoom call with his mates and Paige and there was lots of laughter and micky taking. We ate dinner and sat down and put a film on. It was a Sci-Fi film and was, actually, quite good.

James’ phone rang, it was number withheld, so he ignored it. It rang 4 times. In the end James answered it and, as expected, it was Mum. James put it on loud speaker. Mum was shouting and saying that Social Services were stopping her seeing him. She ranted on and then went onto how she desperately needed money, did James have any, or was there anything in the house that he could take and give to her.

James swore at her and disconnected the call.

I could see how upset he was. He said that she only wanted him to get things for her, especially money, and that it was all about drugs. I said that the rehab would help but James said that she would never complete it. He got up, said goodnight and went to his room.

I noted everything in my diary, emailed the Social Worker and went to bed. Didn’t get much sleep though.

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