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Dear potential foster carer

Thank you for visiting us and being interested in the welfare of children. We hope we are encouraging everyone to find out more about what fostering is and how it could change people’s lives.

Read on for more information or contact us today if it’s the right time to take the next step, and we’ll help you to get the best possible start by checking your information, and sharing your details with a selection of Fostering Agencies, who we believe will be able to help you progress your fostering application.

Our no obligation, online Fostering Application Service is completely free and confidential.

If you complete our fostering application form you will receive our Simply FosterCare Handbook, a comprehensive A to Z guide, which is yours to keep,

kind regards

The Simply Fostering Team.

Simply Fostering

We are a free national information and online application service for people interested in becoming foster carers. Find out if you should apply, what’s required to foster young and older children, and how we can help you to get the best start in the fostering process.

What we can do

We are qualified to help, we are registered independent social workers with over 30 years experience working in UK Fostering Services. Since 2008, we have been helping people to get it right first time. Watch our video about who we are and what we can do for you.

I’m new to fostering children

Don’t worry, take some time to look around our comprehensive website which probably has more information in one place than any other online service in the UK.

There’s facts about choosing the best agency, the income and the different types of foster caring.

Our website will answer most, if not all of the questions people ask, which reduces any confusion, and helps towards deciding to take the next step. Any other questions, just ask!

If you find it’s right for you, take a minute to contact us, then download our free Handbook.

We’ll help you to find a suitable agency on our national Fostering Agency Membership Database, wherever you live in the UK.

Why should you come join us?

Watch our video about;

‘What Simply Fostering can do for you.’

simply fostering video

I’m an approved carer, help!

Having problems with your agency or just thinking about a change?

Is this the right time to take the next step in the process?

Then use our free UK Start to Transfer Service!

We specialise in helping you with or without fostered children in placement.

As soon as you contact us, Ian will be in touch to explain your right of transfer.

Ian will answer any questions then if it’s agreed, he will act on your behalf to find you the best fostering agency for you and your family.

Contact Annette to start the discussion about how to improve your support, number of placements, respite, fees and allowances.


Hi Annette, a big thank you, we got approved last week and and we’re looking forward to having our first foster child who is coming soon. The agency we chose has been great and our social worker is lovely. Take care,
Simon and Jo

After filling in the form we were called by two local agencies who wanted to visit next day so we met them and chose  ‘………’  because they could help us to foster even if I had to keep on working for a while,
Anika and Jay

Hi Ian, I want to say thank you for all you did to help me change my agency, I would not have been able to do it without your professional, honest and friendly help and advice,

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Contact Us Today.

The information you submit will be shared with fostering agencies who will contact you directly. (Privacy Policy). Please ensure your details are correct.

Simply Fostering UK – Answering your questions

Our website contains a huge amount of information about foster caring such as about the fostering assessment the references and  checks that are required and attending the Panel at the end of the process. You will find all you need to know about fostering  agencies and the process to transfer to a different agency. Read about the issues around fostering a child and the and the Regulations which oversee fostering in the UK.

Our lets talk money article is a useful read and there’s lots of information about the income for foster carers. Foster carers expenses are extra payments which may be paid towards the day to day care of foster children and check out the information about pocket money. If you provide education for your child at home find out if you can foster here; home schooling. For your information watch our video and visit our article; network of support.

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