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Fosterman | A Day In The Life

Fosterman | A Day In The Life

Fostering Blog – Fosterman – A Day in The Life.

I am now fostering a football celebrity. Once he had told his old club that he was on the books of a non- league team then everyone was ringing him and asking him about it. So I thought I needed to sit down and have a chat with him on a couple of issues.

So I just explained that he needed to maintain all the friendships he had made from school and that they were important as they were friends that had supported him when he first came into care. Also I said that some of his old team mates may be jealous of what’s happened. Most importantly I told him that it mustn’t affect his school work. He nodded in agreement but looked a bit down so I told him I was proud of him and that he should enjoy the experience.

So we had a weekend free from football as his training was Tuesday and Thursday evening now. So we went along to watch his old team play on Saturday afternoon. A few of the parents asked why he wasn’t playing so James (name changed) told them.

Most of the parents seemed delighted for him but one seemed a bit peeved that’s James had been given this opportunity. He didn’t say anything to James or I but I overheard him saying to another Dad that he thought his son was a better player and why hadn’t his son been given an opportunity? So I had a quiet chat with him.

I told him that it wasn’t James’ fault he had been chosen as he had been selected by a Scout. Also I agreed that his son was a very good player but we didn’t make any of the decisions. He apologised for being out of order and he bought me a cup of tea to make up for it.

On Sunday James used his spare time to go to the local shopping centre with Paige. It gave me a rare thing called a free Sunday. The house was pretty tidy so I decided to take myself off to the gym for an hour. I regretted that later! After the gym I picked up some shopping and got home, made a coffee and put my feet up for a while.

James came back, with Paige, and we sat and watched a film. I ran Paige home and we got back and watched some football on the TV. James said he was going to get his school stuff ready so I told him that he would be the only one there as Monday was a Bank Holiday. James liked that idea!

On Monday we just had a lazy day. James surfaced about 11am and said he just wanted to do nothing as the weather was not too good. So we chilled, chatted and James got his kit ready for his first Tuesday night training session.

He cleaned his boots, checked his bag, 3 times, and made sure that he had everything that he needed in his bag.

So that was Monday pretty much sorted. We watched TV, enjoyed two football matches and had a very relaxing day.

Fosterman – A Simply Fostering Blogging Foster Carer.

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