How to be a foster carer

Taking the next step

If you have children, it is important that you talk with them at an early stage about being part of a fostering family.

Becoming a foster carer and fostering children holds many challenges for fostering families. It is a big step that everyone in the household should approve of and be fully involved in, the decision to foster.

How to be a foster carer – Fostering assessment
Everyone who wants to become a foster carer has to undertake a fostering assessment. The assessment is about how to be a foster carer and exploring your individual skills and experiences. The assessment also provides you with information about foster children and how becoming a foster carer will affect you, your family and your friends. The assessment takes 4 to 6 months.

Foster caring
Foster carers have to set clear boundaries, they have to be consistent, aware of children’s feelings and be seen to be fair by foster children. Foster carers need to build trust and mutual respect whilst expecting that family rules will be tested.

The placements
Most often, foster children are placed on a short term basis so foster carers need to be able to let go and to support children they have fostered to move on. Fostering is ‘parenting plus’, and love is not enough.

The rewards
Fostering can be hard work at times, but the rewards far outweigh the difficulties. Foster carers can work from home, develop a professional career, and use their skills to keep children safe in a loving home environment. Birth children have their patience tested and their belongings ‘ borrowed’ sometimes, but they benefit as they grow from experiencing the things foster children don’t have, and how much they do.

How to choose the right agency
There are both Local Authority and Independent Fostering Agencies and every Agency has vacancies for foster carers.  Before enquiring or applying to become a foster carer, make sure that you choose the right agency for you and your family by using our free fostering agency matching service. We are here to help!

Successful fostering

Being a foster carer is one of the most rewarding careers out there, but being with the wrong agency can mean not having the support and allowances you expected to be a successful foster carer.

Contact us and we will find you suitable agencies in your area with vacancies.

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Being a foster carer, I work from home and so far, I’ve looked after thirty three children and look forward to the next thirty three.

Gillexperienced carer

Fostering is physically and emotionally demanding, but is also extremely rewarding.

Karenfoster carer

Fostering has made it possible for me to stay at home and care for a brother and sister who are permanently staying with us. We can’t image life without them now.

Ruthfoster carer

My kids had left home and I have found it incredibly rewarding to look after foster children.

Lucyfoster carer for two years

How to foster

A video about a foster carers experience

An experienced foster carer of 20 years talks about how to foster, provides tips on fostering and chats about her experiences.

Whats Next?

Learn core aspects of fostering and adopting

fostering finances

Foster allowance
Foster Carers allowances and fees are usually paid fortnightly. The average total payment per placement is £400 per week, for all ages of foster children and foster carers may not pay any income tax up to £50,000 a year.
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Can I foster?

Fostering training
As part of the application process and training, the agency will invite you to attend a training course, most  Agencies use the Fostering Network course called “Skills to Foster”.
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fostering checks

Choose the best
Make sure that you choose the right agency to apply to, for you and your family, by using our free Agency Matching Service.
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how to foster children

Fostering in your area
The key function of Simply Fostering is to … provide you with all you need to…
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