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Magic Routine

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Zoom meetings are a wonderful thing. Always make sure you check the background before you go live. Nobody wants to see your underwear. After we pointed this out to the Social Worker and managed to stifle our childish giggles we discussed James’ (name changed) life and how things are going in general.

The Social Worker updated us about Mum and how she wasn’t really communicating at all. Her rehab programme had been cancelled and she was not returning messages or calls, which wasn’t really unusual for her. There had been contact with another family matter who had asked about contact with James but the name wasn’t familiar to James so more investigation would have to be carried out.

As if by magic, James phone rang, number withheld, but it was one of his mates. James was given the opportunity of writing to Mum but he wasn’t interested. His attitude was that if she wanted to contact him then she could do. We then discussed all the usual stuff, money and plans, education etc.

I left James to have a one to one and went into the kitchen to make a cuppa. About ten minutes later I was called back in and the meeting finished. I then sat and composed an email to my Supervising Social Worker just to update them on what had been said.

We were then stumped to find something to do. James had some school work to do but first I got him to go and refill the bird feeders and clean the fish tank. We then had lunch and afterwards James sat up to the dining room table to complete his work.

That evening we faced timed my sons and he face timed Paige, which I left him to. Once our hectic social life had been completed we sat down to watch some football and then a film. James wanted to watch Everest, a film about a climbing disaster in the 90s. I wasn’t overly keen but it was, actually, quite good. It was quite a long film so it ended up being a late one, so I granted James an extra hour in bed.

This lockdown must be difficult for the kids. Not being able to socialise, see mates, play sport. I was born in an era where you were always out. Going home time was when you were hungry. I couldn’t imagine going through what kids today are. I am fortunate to have a garden so at least there is some space to get some fresh air.

The next day we went for a walk around the local park and bumped into some people from James’ football team. We stood and chatted, 2 metres apart, for a while, which was nice. We got home and James did the school work that he had been set, via email. I did some household stuff while he finished it and then we cooked dinner together.

After stuffing our faces we washed up, cleaned the kitchen and then watched some football, for a change. As it was my turn to choose a film I put on the first Star Wars movie and then it was bedtime. Thank god for routine.

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