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Different types of foster caring.

Just like people, Fostering Agencies are not all the same. They have different support, allowances, quality of training, and access to respite care and support groups.

Not all agencies foster babies, some prefer to look after teenagers, some agencies expect you to be at home full time, others are happy if you have another job.

Some factors to consider.

As well as knowing about the training and support that agencies provide, you need to check if you have a personal support system of friends and family that can be there for you at times of stress as all foster children are not the same and as a foster carer, you may have to tackle difficult situations.

Flexibility to work with social workers is important as they visit on a regular basis. Foster carers need to be comfortable communicating with biological parents of the foster child, as that might be a part the job.

To be a foster carer you will need to have:

• The time and energy to invest in a child or young person
• A bedroom for the exclusive use of the foster child
• Couples will need to arrange their working hours so that one carer can be available full time
• Single carers will need to be at home full-time or have flexible employment
• A full UK driving licence or have excellent transport links

Is it time for a change?

Do you want to make a positive change in your life? Do you want to experience the satisfaction of keeping children from more harm and seeing them settle down and start thriving?

Then become a foster carer and feel the sense of fulfillment that doing something worthwhile brings, and be the person who can make a difference to a child’s life.

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Did you know?

About Cambridge, Cambridgeshire in East Anglia
Cambridge was named ‘Grantabrycge’ which means, ‘bridge over the river Granta’ by the Saxons, Lord Byron kept a pet bear in his rooms at Cambridge, because he was not allowed a dog and Cambridge has the lowest point in the UK, Holme Fen, which is nine feet below sea level and still sinking.

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