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Could you foster a child in Essex?

Simply Fostering can help you to take the first steps towards becoming a foster carer. If you live in Essex and have a spare bedroom then you may be eligible to apply to foster.

We would like to hear from anyone living in Essex who would be interesting in fostering. We welcome applicants from single applicants, older applicants, straight or gay applicants, heterosexual couples and same sex couples. If you have a room available and the desire and motivation to look after a young person we would like to hear from you. You will be paid an allowance of up to £550 per week per child and will receive training and support.

The Simply Fostering website will provide you with all the information you need to determine your eligibility to foster. Answers to questions about age, relationship status, and experience can all be accessed via our Who Can Foster? page. We provide professional advice and can help you to make the right choice of agency as there are many fostering agencies in the Essex area. These agencies all offer slightly different services and so it is important to speak to a few different agencies to ensure you choose one that is right for you.

If you feel that you are able to make a difference to a child’s life and are looking for an exciting change in your life, please contact us today. Complete our ‘no obligation, enquiry form and you will receive our free fostering handbook which is available to download.

Factors to consider

Before taking the step towards fostering, you should consider a few things. Do you have family and friends who can provide you with a good personal support system alongside the training and support you will receive from your fostering agency? Looking after foster children may mean dealing with difficult situations and you will need help and support to as you deal with those situations.

Another factor is that you will need to consider the age group you are interested in fostering, according to your own personal circumstances and family members. The needs of a foster child will vary depending on their age and understanding, so flexibility is key. You will be working alongside social workers, who will be visiting regularly. You may also need to communicate with the biological parents of a foster child, and this is something you will need to be comfortable with.

Why foster?

There are many children and young people in need of a foster home in Essex. They are a variety of ages and come from a range of diverse backgrounds. Some children are part of sibling groups, some will be emergency placements, and can need long or short term fostering. They all need a nurturing home and to be looked after by adults who will be sensitive and understanding, and who will provide them with a positive family environment.

Could this be you?

There are many advantages to becoming a foster carer. You will learn new skills through training and hands on experience. You will be paid a professional fee which is an income payment for you. This is in addition to the allowance you receive for each foster child, which pays for their day to day care. And foster carers in the UK do not generally pay tax on their fostering income

Simply Fostering is focusing on Essex and the surrounding areas to recruit foster carers using its foster carer focused SEO tools. Areas including Harlow, Brentwood, Chelmsford and Colchester are amongst those where Simply Fostering is keen to identify potential foster carer applicants.

About Essex

The county of Essex, in the South-East of England is one of the Home Counties. The only city in Essex is the county town of Chelmsford, which is also the oldest recorded town in Britain, pre-dating the Roman conquest. Essex became a county after the Norman Conquest. Parts of SW Essex form part of the Greater London Urban Area. The county is mainly rural and made up of small towns, villages and hamlets, with the exception of the larger towns of Chelmsford, Southend-on-Sea and Colchester.

Here are a few facts about some of the towns that make up Essex;
In the 1960’s, Harlow was known as ‘Pram Town’, referring to all the prams that were being pushed around by new mums. The first pedestrian precinct in Britain is located in Harlow town centre.

Brentwood dates back to the 12th Century and was formed from a clearing within the forest of Essex. They burnt wood here, from which came the name ‘burnt wood’. The medieval town was popular with pilgrims who were travelling to Canterbury Cathedral.

In more recent times, TV programme TOWIE films some of its scenes in a local nightclub.
Basildon in Essex was a new town that was built in 1948 after the Second World War and was part of the experiment to construct a new style of living. Famous people who came from Basildon include actress Joan Sims, singer Alison Moyet and the pop group Depeche Mode. Chelmsford gained city status in 2012 and is one of the newest cities in the UK.

Back in the 1500’s, Henry V111 stayed at the Palace of Beaulieu in Chelmsford. The palace was formerly an estate that belonged to Anne Boleyn’s family. It is here that he thought up his plan to divorce Katherine of Aragon. Famous artist Grayson Perry was from Chelmsford. Colchester has the oldest town walls in Britain, which were built by the Romans in AD 60.

On Good Friday in 1807, the world’s oldest hot cross bun was baked in Wyre Street.
The nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was written in Colchester by Jane Taylor who lived in Stockwell Street. Southend has the world’s longest pleasure pier. It is just over a mile long. It is also the largest town in Essex. And is the driest and warmest place in the UK.

For further information about what life is like as a foster carer, visit our website. It has all you need to know about the fostering process.

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