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Between us, we have over eighty years experience working in fostering and family social work, so we know a thing or two about fostering in London and surrounding areas, and how to find out which agencies offer the best support and allowances.

Which London agency

We know a lot about how confused people new to fostering feel about what to do next, and how to decide which London agency to contact.

London foster carers – getting the best start

That’s why we’ve  helped people all over London to get the best possible start to their fostering career, by helping them to become foster carers for an agency that best suited them and their family.

Types of fostering, allowances, agency advice

Wherever you live in London, we will find you the fostering agencies in your Borough who need carers. We will match your details and preferences with the support and allowances each agency has on offer.

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So get fostering right first time by contacting us, here at Simply Fostering.

Fostering agencies

All about fostering agencies and what we do. Agency matching service.

Using our knowledge of the fostering agencies a social worker will:

    • Carefully check your enquiry form;
    • Identify the fostering agencies on our Database, that are recruiting foster carers;
    • Match your details with the agencies with vacancies, then forward your details to those fostering agencies;
  • Request that the most suitable fostering agencies contact you within three working days.

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Save yourself time and frustration and give yourself the best possible start on your foster carer journey by completing our contact form and using our free agency matching service.

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When you send our form, as a thank you, please download our Free Foster Care Handbook!

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The need for London carers

There is a huge need for foster carers. Those who would like to become a carer need to understand that there would be an assessment to judge communication skills, ability to understand the needs of the children and their development, and the flexibility to attend training sessions and various meetings.

Short term, long term, emergency fostering, remand fostering, specialized therapeutic fostering are all different types of fostering UK. Depending on personal skills and other circumstances the fostering agencies may decide upon the area of work an individual may be assigned. One may directly approach any agency or apply through agency matching services who can find the right agency based on personal information provided.

It may only take four months for the entire assessment process to complete and get approved as a foster carer. Apart from other professional skills, patience and love play a major role in foster child care.

About London

St Thomas’ Hospital used to have seven buildings, one for each day of the week, the centre of London is marked by a plaque in the Church of St Martin’s-in-the-Fields and Brixton Market was the first electrified market in the country.

Dr Samuel Johnson once owned 17 properties in London, East London is the most popular film location in the city and Postman’s Park is full of memorials to “ordinary people”.

The nursery rhyme Pop Goes the Weasel refers to pawning your suit, the Fox and Anchor is licensed to serve alcohol with breakfast for market porters and London was the first city of more than a million people.

The first performance of a Punch and Judy show at Covent Garden was recorded in Samuel Pepys’s diary.

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