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If you live in Enfield, perhaps it’s time to consider fostering a child!

At Simply Fostering, we dedicate our time to providing a free information and application service for you. In doing so, we aim to inform members of the public of what fostering is, how to apply, as well as what the best fostering agency in Enfield or around the UK will be for them. With over 30 years of experience in various areas of the industry, our team is able to provide the most up to date and comprehensive information and advice.

There is a national shortage of foster carers in the UK, but Enfield is a borough of London in particular need right now. Children enter the care system for a variety of reasons and there are a variety of different types of foster care available, but simply educating yourself on what the process entails and being aware of your eligibility is the first step to tackling the issue. Fostering in Enfield is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community, and Simply Fostering is here to guide you through the process.

Fostering in Enfield: Why do children enter the care system?

Before you consider fostering in Enfield, it is important to understand the reason that the children in question are in need of your help. Cases vary person to person, however the core reason children enter the care system is because their parents or guardians are unable to care for them, or the home in which they currently live is not safe for the child.

The presence of physical, emotional or sexual abuse in the household, as well as neglect (a term which encompasses several areas of providing inadequate care) are often reasons a child is taken into the care system. However, these are not the only conditions which leave a child in need of a foster parent.

Other factors such as incarceration of parents (and lack of an alternative guardian being present) can lead to children entering care, or in some cases illness or death of the only available guardian to a child can have the same result.

These conditions are no doubt difficult for a young person to deal with, therefore access to a safe, stable environment is truly important. By choosing to take a child like this into your home as a foster parent, you are giving a vulnerable person the best chance possible to develop, learn and live with whatever tough conditions they may have been exposed to in the past.

What about the pay for fostering in Enfield?

While the financial benefits of fostering in Enfield should not be the main motivation for your decision, allowances are present in order to help fund the care you provide, as well as a professional fee you will receive. The question is slightly more complex than it seems on the surface as the agency you choose to go through, number of children you take in, and the type of care you provide are all factors that will affect the pay for fostering in Enfield available. For information tailored to your circumstances, the best thing to do is get in touch with us using the contact page on our website and a more detailed breakdown of the funding you can receive will be explained.

Enfield: The community that needs your help!

The borough of Enfield is full of character and diversity. Bordering the boroughs of Barnet, Haringey, and Waltham Forest, the area has a population of over 320’000 (Office for National Statistics (ONS), 2014), within which are children that need a new home. The population in Enfield is also a very diverse one, and members of the community from all ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations are encouraged to consider whether foster care might be for them.

Present in historical records dating back over a thousand years, Enfield has an interesting and rich history, which can be seen in places such as All Saints Church, Broomfield Park and Capel Manor Gardens. Museums, theatres and shopping centres also play a part in making up the vibrancy of the area. Without the stable environment that foster parents aim to provide, however, many children are unable to learn in and take advantage of the area in which they live.

Fostering in Enfield: It’s worth finding out more!

If you think that the fostering a child in Enfield sounds like it might be for you, then we are here to guide you through the next steps. Take a look around our website to find out a bit more about who can foster, whether you are suited to the process, and how allowances for fostering in Enfield or anywhere around the UK work. As well as this, we can help guide you through the process of finding the best fostering agency in Enfield for your needs, as they do vary in the support and allowances available.

Choosing to foster is a truly rewarding experience, and one which will change your life and the life of the child you take in for the better. Why not enquire today? Our free, ‘no obligation’ enquiry form is easy to use and available online. By taking this next step you will also receive access to our free fostering handbook, with further information on everything foster care. The Enfield community needs your help, and you can make a difference!

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