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Using our knowledge of agencies in Lambeth, a social worker will:

  • Carefully check your enquiry form;
  • Identify the fostering agencies on our Database, that are recruiting foster carers in your Borough;
  • Match your details with the agencies with vacancies, then forward your details to those fostering agencies;
  • Request that the most suitable fostering agencies contact you within three working days.

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Realise your potential and make a difference – Factors to consider

Before deciding to become a foster carer there are a few things that should be considered. Along with the training and support provided by fostering agencies, you should also check if you have a personal support system with friends and family that can support you under stressful situations as all foster children are not the same and as a foster carer, you may have to tackle difficult situations.

According to your family and personal circumstances the age group of foster kids needs to be considered. Needs of children vary based on their age and understanding which is why you should be prepared to be flexible.

Flexibility to work with social workers is important as they visit on a regular basis. Foster carers need to be comfortable communicating with biological parents of the foster child, as that might be a part of the job.

Did you know?

The name is recorded in 1062 as ‘Lambehitha’, meaning ‘landing place for lambs’, Lambeth Bridge was constructed in 1860 and is painted red to be the same as the seats in the House of Lords.

The oldest fig tree in Britain was planted in Lambeth Palace garden in the 16th century and still produces excellent fruit, the garden is the oldest continually cultivated garden in London and Lambeth Palace is the official home of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Admiral William Bligh, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame is buried in the churchyard.

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