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Simply Fostering is the largest independent source of information on fostering in the UK. Our service has been reducing the risk of choosing the wrong fostering agency since 2005.

Foster carers provide a temporary home to children in need. Each fostering agency is unique, with each offering different levels of training and support. At Simply Fostering we have a free agency matching service to help find the best agency for you.

Anyone can become a foster carer. Applicants from all ethnicities, religions, income groups and sexualities are welcome. Fostering agencies focus primarily on your ability to nurture and care for a child. Agencies will also assess:
• Your ability to work as part of a constructive team.
• Your health and lifestyle.
• The suitability of your home.
• Any previous experience of parenting or guardianship of a child.

The rewards of fostering in East Sussex.

Fostering can be an extremely rewarding experience. You get to see a child grow whilst bringing love and happiness into their life. Through fostering, you will have a tangible, formative influence on the life of a vulnerable child and will be a positive force in the community. That is not to say it will not be challenging. Indeed, fostering can be one of the greatest challenges of your life. You will learn and develop alongside the children in your care.

In recent years foster care has also been increasingly financially incentivised. Many now see it as their full-time career. Foster carers can expect to be paid a professional allowance of £390.00 per week to £550.00. With specialised training you can expect your allowance to be further increased.

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At Simply Fostering we take the hassle out of applying to become a foster carer. Through our free agency matching service, we will pair you with the most suitable fostering agencies in East Sussex. This service is completely obligation free.

We aim to encourage as many people as possible to consider fostering a child. If you are interested in fostering we would like to hear from you. Complete our enquiry form and our team will begin the application service. Enquire today and you will receive a free Foster Care Handbook. The Foster Care Handbook is a complete companion guide to fostering in the UK.

Did you know? East Sussex Facts.

The name Sussex derives from the Old English ‘S?þs?axe’. The county of Sussex was divided into East and West administrative counties in 1888. East Sussex is home to several historically important archaeological sites from both the Roman and Norman occupation, such as Bodiam Castle. Indeed, William the Conqueror fought the Battle of Hastings in East Sussex.

East Sussex’s primary industry is tourism. The laid-back atmosphere and scenic coastline make it a popular holiday destination. Like other Southern coastal counties, East Sussex receives higher than average annual temperatures. The area is also host to numerous festivals and concerts throughout the year. The most prominent of which is the Pride festival in Brighton, which has a proud LGBTQ heritage.

East Sussex is home to the prominent politician and campaigner Caroline Lucas. Caroline Lucas is the co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, who has been the MP of Brighton Pavilion since 2010. She became the first MP ever to represent the Green Party in the UK.

East Sussex population and demography.

East Sussex is bordered by Surrey to the north, Kent to the east, West Sussex to the west and the English Channel to the south. In 2016 the population of East Sussex was estimated to be 837,000. According to recent studies, 75% of the population live in metropolitan areas.

East Sussex has not experienced as rapid growth as other areas of the UK. 22% of the population are at a pensionable age, compared to the national average of 17%. The most prominent urban hub in East Sussex is Brighton and Hove.

East Sussex is an ethnically diverse area. This can lead to issues in the foster care industry. Ideally, a foster child is placed with a family who share the same cultural heritage. This is to make the process of re-location as stress-free as possible. Consequently, East Sussex is under pressure to recruit foster carers from diverse backgrounds.

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