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Different types of fostering. Allowance, babies, children, teens, agency advice?

Just like people, Fostering Agencies are not all the same. They have different support, allowances, quality of training, and access to respite care and support groups.

Not all agencies foster babies, some prefer to look after teenagers, some agencies expect you to be at home full time, others are happy if you have another job. Although agencies have similar expectations, it’s important that you have a clear understanding from the start.

Getting approved

Deciding to take the next step, then after your assessment which takes about 4 months, you will be interviewed  by your agency Panel then registered and approved by your agency.

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Did you know?

Slough originally developed as a stopping off point for coaches travelling between London and Bath. Astronomer Royal, Sir William Herschel lived in Slough in 1786, he discovered the planet Uranus and Charles Dickens’ publisher Richard Bentley and Nelly Ternan, his unpublicised mistress, lived in Slough.

Queen Victoria made her first railway journey from Slough to London in June 1842 and Cox’s Orange Pippin was first grown by Richard Cox of Colnbrook in 1857.

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