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If you are loving, responsible, and work well with kids and young people – you might be perfect for the role.

Simply Fostering is not a fostering agency. Instead we are an independent company that provide information and advice on what it means to foster a child. Whatever point you’re at, our team of experienced independent social workers have the expertise needed to give you advice tailored to your needs. As well as this, we provide a clear and simple application service, and can run you through the various factors that determine what the best fostering agency in and around Salisbury (or elsewhere) is for you, helping you make the most of your start to a fostering career.

Why does the area need more carers, and why don’t more people apply to foster in Salisbury?

There has been a long-standing shortage of foster carers in the UK, but fostering in Salisbury is an area that needs particular attention. The reality is that there are not enough foster carers which means that the risk of children being placed with carers who might not be the most suitable is much higher resulting in placements falling through more quickly, which in turn causes the child additional distress and disorientation.

We are reaching out to the community to try and raise awareness of the issue, with the aim to get more people to apply to foster in Salisbury so the matching process is improved, in turn leading to kids and young people coming from troubling backgrounds ending up with the right support at the outset, to move forward with their lives.

Can I foster?

Can I?
Aged 21 yrs or older, physically and mentally fit? Care about children, have a spare room? You be a foster carer!
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The shortage of carers may also be because people are not aware of what foster care actually is, or they may just assume they are not eligible due to age or a lack of qualifications. Another reason many might disregard the prospect is because the pay for fostering in Salisbury might not be enough to take on the role.

Many are not aware that generous allowances for fostering in Salisbury (and elsewhere) exist, and that financial compensation should be a consideration when making the decision to become a foster carer. While the money side should never be the driving force in becoming a foster carer, the pay for fostering in Salisbury is important.

Many people might be hesitant to apply for fostering in Salisbury (or anywhere for that matter) simply because they are not aware that it is an area where there is a lack of interest being shown. This is why we are reaching out now, through social media and our website, trying to get people talking about the subject.

Allowances for fostering in Salisbury: How does it all work?

The payments for fostering are not well understood by many outside of the fostering world. When you become a foster carer you are paid an ‘allowance’ for the costs associated with the basic care for your foster child. These include things such as food, clothing, daytime activities and other related expenses. Often when people ask about the ‘pay for fostering in Salisbury’, they may be referring to the professional fee that agencies offer.

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Agencies have to undertake checks by law to ensure the suitability of foster carers.

The fee paid to the foster carer during the placement of a foster child, is the reward element for fostering. This fee is for the foster carer’s own use.

The amount of allowances and fees vary from agency to agency, and depend of placement types or ages, however the total average paid for each placement is £400 per week. We know that most people cannot afford to start fostering without enough financial support so we aim to help by finding you the best fostering agency in Salisbury for you.

For more information on the pay for fostering in Salisbury, get in touch for advice tailored to your circumstances.

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Foster care truly is a fantastic opportunity to make a new start, maybe change your career and to work from home. Fostering can be difficult but being a foster carer will make positive changes in your life, helping you develop a variety of skills through training and foster caring as well as help the children and young people you care for  in question move forward with his or her life. If you like the sound of what you hear and think it might be for you- great!

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Agencies pay about £380 per week, to foster carers for each child. Carers pay no tax up to £50,000 a year.

Take a look around our website for more info on what it means to be a carer, and how different parts of the process work. To take it a step further we have a free, ‘no obligation’ enquiry form available which will also give you access to our fostering handbook containing additional advice and support.

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Why do people foster?

People wanted to foster to: ‘provide loving carers to children’ and ‘to save children from further harm.’