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Agencies in Northern Ireland.

Taking the next step in the process of becoming a foster carer can be confusing and time wasting for you as there are many fostering agencies to choose from. You may find that there is little information available about the differences between the agencies and what they can offer you.

Simply Fostering – Be a foster carer

We are an independent company and we provide free information for people who are interested in becoming foster carers. We also offer an agency matching service for those interested in fostering and who would like to find the best fostering agency for them.

Fostering Agency Database – Northern Ireland

Our Independent Fostering Agency Database holds a list of member agencies, who we recommend based on their reputation, quality of service and the type of support and allowances on offer.

Fostering children – Foster care experts

Together, our team has over eighty years experience of working with foster carers, foster children, and fostering agencies in the UK, and has helped many hundreds of people to become happy and successful foster carers.

Become a foster carer – Free agency matching service

If you decide to contact us and use our free, fostering agency matching service, we will arrange for the most suitable agencies in Northern Ireland with vacancies, to contact you, improving your chance of being accepted for assessment and starting on the journey to become a happy and successful foster carer.

Did you know?

The British passenger liner the Titanic was built in Belfast Harbour and was launched from there on 31 May 1911.

Northern Ireland is the least populated part of the UK with only 3% of the population.

The oldest occupied castle is Kellyleagh Castle in County Down. It has been inhabited since the 13th Century.

The largest lake in the UK is Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland, which supplies 40% of the region’s water.

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