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Fostering process
Taking the next step in the fostering process can be confusing and time wasting, due to the choice of agencies out there. There is little information about the differences between agencies, and what they have to offer potential foster carers.

Factors to consider before deciding to foster

Before deciding to become a foster carer there are a few things that should be considered. Along with the training and support provided by fostering agencies, you should also check if you have a personal support system with friends and family that can support you under stressful situations as all foster children are not the same and as a foster carer, you may have to tackle difficult situations.

According to your family and personal circumstances the age group of foster kids needs to be considered. Needs of children vary based on their age and understanding which is why you should be prepared to be flexible.

Flexibility to work with social workers is important as they visit on a regular basis. Foster carers need to be comfortable communicating with biological parents of the foster child, as that might be a part of the job.

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We are not a fostering agency, we are an independent company providing free information and a fostering agency matching service for people interested in becoming foster carers, and who want to find the best fostering agencies to choose from.

Fostering Agency Database – County Londonderry

Fostering process
Our Independent Fostering Agency Database holds a list of member agencies in County Londonderry, who we recommend based on their reputation, quality of service and the type of support and allowances on offer.

Fostering children – Foster care experts

Together, our team has over eighty years experience of working with foster carers, foster children, and fostering agencies, and has helped many hundreds of people to become happy and successful foster carers.

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If you decide to contact us and use our free, fostering agency matching service, we will arrange for the most suitable agencies in Londonderry with vacancies, to contact you, improving your chance of being accepted for assessment and starting on the journey to become a happy and successful foster carer.

Did you know?

County Derry, officially known as County Londonderry, lies within the province of Ulster. Derry City, the second largest city in NI, is known historically as the maiden city, and gold was found in the Sperrin Mountains.

Nobel Peace Prize winners, John Hume and Seamus Heaney come from County Derry and Austin’s is the world’s oldest independent department store.

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