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News Update

News – Simply Fostering – January – 2015 More Asian Families Needed to Foster in Teeside A foster carer from Teeside has spoken out about the need for more Asian families to consider becoming foster carers. Rasub Afzal, a father of three, has been fostering for two years and has looked after two children. According

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News update

Changes to number of social worker visits The Department for Education has set out a change to the number of visits social workers will be required to make to children in long term foster care. It is one of a number of changes aimed at helping to improve the performance of children who are looked

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November News Update

The Sons and Daughters Award The Fostering Network Charity has presented an award to a boy from Houghton Regis as part of the Fostering Excellence Awards. Stephan Clarke, 12, was recognised for his role within a fostering family. Stephan spoke about how great it was to receive the Sons and Daughters award for his work

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Latest Fostering News

A New Foster a Teenager Campaign Teenage Kicks Fostering Campaign – Launched on 25th October 2014. A new Teenage Kicks campaign ( has been launched by Doncaster Children’s Services Trust in partnership with Doncaster Rovers. The campaign hopes to raise awareness of the positive effect that fostering a teenager can bring. Fostering a young person through their

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Rewards and allowances – foster carers

Foster carers allowances and rewards Basic needs Money has a significant impact on our day-to-day lives. For most of us it is a major factor in where and how we live, the quality of what we can buy and where we find ourselves in the social order, and if we have enough money, we don’t

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Foster care – Sibling Separation

Foster caring – Separating siblings When siblings go into foster care, they leave family members and move to a completely new environment, based on decisions made by social workers. Although it is not in their best interest for some sibling groups to be placed together, Sibling Separation is often a consequence of foster caring due to

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Foster Children and Bullying

Bullying in foster care Bullying in foster care in the UK is a significant issue. Children and young people  are commonly bullied up to the age of 18, and the effects of bullying can be equally, if not more severe as the victim gets older. This is why it is important that you as a foster

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Fostering Support

Support for Foster Carers As a foster carer there are many times when friends and family want to help and support you but they don’t know how. You might be in the middle of a crisis and you can’t see the wood for the trees – so you cannot even begin to think what help

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Parenting Vs Therapeutic Parenting

Parenting Vs Therapeutic Parenting Foster Carer’s Experiences For a long time we have been “parenting” our eight year old foster child, in a similar way to the way we “parented” our birth children. We know there have been slight differences – our birth children will tell you that. For a start we know that we

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Fostering – What I learnt

What I learnt You learn most about fostering on the job, not from the courses or conferences you’ve been to or the qualifications you’ve got – at least that’s true for me and I say this as a professional foster carer trainer. When I was a foster carer for 47 teenagers, I learnt more about

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