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Another Surprise for James Blog.

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Another Surprise for James Blog.

Fostering Blog – Mums Surprise.

So a lovely long Easter weekend was enjoyed by all. My boys came over on Good Friday, with their partners, and it really was a delightful day. Lots of food, lots of laughter and a great time had by all.

James (name changed) really enjoyed himself although he was disappointed when he found out that his football coach had got his dates mixed up and that James’ match was next week. But he made up for that with a long FIFA session on the PlayStation with my sons.

Everyone commented on how happy he seemed and how well he looked. You don’t notice these things when you seem somebody every day but as they hadn’t seen him for a week or so notice the differences. We sat down to a lovely roast lamb dinner, which James helped to prepare, and a lovely dessert which the boys brought over.

After loading the dishwasher we sat and played Trivial Pursuit for a couple of hours and then put a film on. The boys left at about 9pm and James and I watched a football match that had been on earlier and I had recorded.

On Saturday we went shopping and both tried desperately to stick to a reasonably healthy shopping trolley. We got home, unloaded the car and put everything away. We then decided to go over the park for a quick walk and a few exercises, and then it was back home for an afternoon of TV football.

James seems to be infatuated by the new TV and cannot stop commenting about how good the picture is.

James went off to bed at about 11 and I tidied up and got his Easter Eggs out of their special hiding place and put them on the dining room table. I had got him two and the boys had both got him one.

On Easter Sunday I woke up and about 8 and went and made a cuppa. James got up about ten and was excited about the sheer amount of chocolate on display. He went into his room and came out with an egg for me!!

I was surprised and told him how much I appreciated it. We had breakfast and at about 1pm his phone rang from a withheld number. He asked if he should answer it and I told him it was up to him. He answered it, on loudspeaker, and it was his Mum.

She said that she hoped that he has a nice Easter and that she had an Easter Egg for him. It sounded manic in the background with loads of shouting so James asked her where she was and she replied that she was in jail for six weeks!

James looked shocked and actually laughed. Anyway she said her good byes and the call ended. James looked confused. I asked if he was ok and he gave a half laugh and asked if I thought she was joking. I said I wasn’t sure but would find out and sent a text off to his Social Worker not expecting an answer given the day. In about five minutes I got a response stating that she would find out and get back to me.

James was a bit quiet for the rest of the day but seemed fine otherwise.

Monday was a relaxing day punctuated by a walk and him having a Zoom with his mates and then Paige. He seemed fine and his Mum wasn’t mentioned so I didn’t bring it up.

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