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After the excitement of the weekend it was a case of keeping James (name changed) occupied again. Having spent so much time out of school, due to the virus, you would think that I would be used to finding him things to do around the house.

I had promised to treat him to something after his performance on Sunday so after breakfast we headed off to the nearest large shopping centre for some retail therapy.

James fancied a hot chocolate so we sat for a while watching the world go by, me with my coffee and him with a monstrosity with all sorts of extras. Once we had finished we had a walk around looking at stuff.

James was focussed on the large sports shop so that’s where we ended up. After an eternity deciding, and several changes of mind, he decided on a lovely new tracksuit from a well-known, and trendy, sports manufacturer.

We decided to have lunch at the centre and James wanted to try something different so we headed into a Tapas restaurant that I had visited on a few occasions in the past. So we chose a number of dishes between us and, to my delight, James really enjoyed it. With my own sons I had always encouraged them to try different foods as there are so many fantastic different cuisines to sample.

So we finally got home late afternoon and James tried on his tracksuit, which fitted perfectly. He kept it on so he could show Paige during the later Facetime chat. We watched football in the evening and just had some ‘bits’ for tea as we had eaten a big meal earlier. We then put a film on and sat and enjoyed that, James heading off to bed after midnight. I updated my diary and headed to bed.

The following day we had both had a lie in and had breakfast about 10. We decided to have a nice long walk somewhere and decided to head to the coast. We ended up in Whitstable, not the most exciting place but nice none the less. We walked around, found a nice fish and chip restaurant by the harbour and then walked for about 5 miles. On the way home we stopped in Canterbury for a quick wander around, which James enjoyed. Then it was home and football.

Once the football had finished we got into a long conversation about what James wanted to do for a career. In the time that he has been with me he has wanted to be a chef, soldier, footballer and a number of other things.

I told him that out of all this careers we had discussed the chance of being a professional footballer was remote, although he could still enjoy playing football at a lower level. I think he had lost interest in being a chef although he still enjoyed helping me prepare meals.

But he still really wanted to join the Army. He admitted that he had been on their website on a number of occasions to read about it.

He understood the risks but he also loved the excitement involved. So I suggested that he joined the Army cadets. He was very excited about the idea and we agreed that the next opportunity we would talk to somebody about it.

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