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The sick note gang is still suffering from man flu. James (name changed) has got a little better but still has a really bad cough. I am still bunged-up but my cough is a little better. The school made it clear that they didn’t want James back until he was 100% and I could understand why.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I had managed to get a week’s shopping delivered so we have a nice full fridge, freezer, and cupboard. We’ve managed to keep ourselves entertained by binge-watching TV and resting. James virtually slept all day yesterday and did seem a little better for it. But we are following all the rules, staying well hydrated, eating plenty and resting.

We have also been sitting out in the garden to get some fresh air in our lungs. Paige has been keeping in touch and asking if we need anything, which is very much appreciated. It gave me a chance to organise Christmas cards and buy other presents for my sons, their partners and my granddaughter. Hard to know what to buy a 4 month old baby but it’s going to have to be noisy and annoying.

My Link worker called to see how we were as I had emailed her so she knew James was off school. We had a long chat and she was saying how busy they were with so many referrals and not enough Carers. It seems that the effects of Covid lockdowns were beginning to appear in other ways.

The recent case, in the papers, has brought home the reality of what can happen. Again she was kind enough to ask if we needed anything dropped around but we were ok, so I thanked her and got back to serious TV binging.

I asked James about whether he wanted take a ride out, just to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. So we decided to drive to the coast somewhere and let the sea air clear our lungs. We headed to the Kent coast and had a lovely 2 hour walk along the beach.

I was cold and blustery but it was exactly what we both needed. I felt a lot better and so did James. We had something to eat and then headed home as we were both beginning to flag a bit. It didn’t help that there had been an accident on the Dartford Crossing and the whole road system had ground to a halt.

We ended up taking 3 hours to get home, exactly twice the time it had taken to drive down there. By the time we got home we were both shattered. James went straight to bed and I had a long hot bath.

The following morning we both felt a lot better but it seemed pointless sending James back so we decided to write the week off as far as school was concerned.

James was feeling lovesick as he hadn’t seen Paige for a while, but they had spoken at every opportunity and face-timed every night.

I told his football coach that James wasn’t well and wouldn’t be available and he told me that a number of other players were unavailable for the same reason.

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