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Blog | Artillery Valentine

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With the snow gone going for our daily walk wasn’t quite as exciting. We are lucky to live in an area where there are plenty of places to walk, parks and woodlands.

James (name changed) particularly enjoyed walking around by the Army barracks where, occasionally, we would see the Royal Horse Artillery practising their drills. It’s a very historic area with many original buildings which you don’t appreciate until you are driving pass.

So today we decided to walk the barracks route and then finish at the local park and then home. It worked out at about 5 miles and we both felt better for it, despite the rain.

After James had finished his school work we had a sort of his clothes and bagged up the remainder of his clothes which no longer fitted him. He was in need of some underwear so we ordered some online, boxers and socks, as well as some plain tee-shirts.

With that done we made some plans for the weekend and then had dinner. The weekends are the most difficult time in the current lockdown, especially for James. He can’t play football, see his mates or see his girlfriend Paige. Credit to him, as he hasn’t moaned or whinged about it.

We sat down, at the beginning of the second lockdown, and spoke about it, how it would affect him and us and that we had to remain positive. It has been difficult and James’ Mum hasn’t helped with her texts and calls which have clearly unsettled James on occasions.

I suppose I am lucky that I don’t have to go to work as I don’t know how that would work. I can only sympathise with those who have to balance a job and childcare.

So Saturday was planned as an exercise day. We had a nice walk, took a football to the park for a kick-about and, when we got home, we did some YouTube exercise routines, which were fun.

Lunch was followed by James’ Zoom time with his mates and with Paige. He enjoys these and there was loads of laughter with his mates and some whispering with Paige. We had organised some flowers and a card for Valentines and she had received them that morning, although she hadn’t opened the card yet.

After all of this it was, of course, football time and we spent the rest of Saturday watching three games on TV, punctuated only by food and drink. Sunday was more of a restful day, no alarm and no schoolwork.

James did his Valentines Zoom with Paige and we sat and chilled for most of the day, except for a 45 minute walk to clear the cobwebs. I cooked a Sunday roast and we did a couple of quick jobs before the football started.

James cleaned the fish tank and I put some washing on and sorted out changing our respective bedclothes, my least favourite job. James has a double and I have a king size so lots of getting lost in the duvet covers, something James thought was funny and decided to photograph!

Sunday was continued with another 3 football matches and James eating the chocolates that Paige had bought him.

So, all in all, a very enjoyable and peaceful weekend for both of us.

Fosterman Blog.

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