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Blog | Meeting Nightmares

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Blog | Meeting Nightmares

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After the emotional nature of the meeting James (name changed)  took a couple of days to get back to his normal self.

He had been very quiet and had spent a lot of time in his room, which was very much unlike him. I decided to leave him to his own devices and let him have time to think. On Friday I collected him from school and decided to go somewhere for dinner.

We went to a nice local Restaurant and had a lovely meal. I asked him how he was feeling and he said that he had hardly slept since the meeting and that he had also had nightmares. He apologised for not having told me everything that had happened.

I told him that it didn’t matter who he told, as long as he told somebody. He had a match the following day so we got home in good time and he went off to bed. I updated my diary and emailed his Social Worker to ask if there was any support we could provide him with and whether we should be getting the Police involved.

On Saturday things got back to normality. We set off at lunchtime, to the ground, where James was playing. Unfortunately I was unable to watch, due to Covid, so I went off shopping while James played. I got back in plenty of time to collect him and he eventually appeared with a big smile on his face.

He had scored, again, so that was going to cost me, under the terms of the deal we had. His coach came out and told me that James was really making an impression and was saying what a nice young man he was. It was nice to hear that.

We got home and to our horror, noticed that there was no football on. We decided to watch a film and I let James choose. So we ended up watching Saving Private Ryan, which was one of James’ favourites. Half way through I looked over at James and he was fast asleep. So I sat and watched it and, at the end, woke him up. He went straight off to bed while I pottered about.

On Sunday we knew the football started at 4pm so we went out for a drive and a walk. We found a lovely garden centre and had a wander around. James bought a couple of new fish for the aquarium and we also had a lovely ‘full English’ while we were there.

It was absolutely packed there, which was nice to see. Things are getting back to normal at last! When we got home I left James to sort out the fish while I sorted out things for the week. We then sat down to watch the football, which was rather nerve wracking.

After the football finished I made some sandwiches and we watched a documentary about the bottom of the sea, which was really interesting.

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On Monday morning I received a call from James’ Social Worker. She asked if I thought James would be prepared to talk to the Police about what had happened to him and I said I’d talk to him once I thought the time was right.

It was too soon after the meeting to do it now, so I said I would discuss it one day during the upcoming half term holiday. She was happy with that.

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