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Blog | Snow and Clutter

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I love the snow; it brings out the inner child in me. As soon as the weather people said that snow was on the way I went straight into the garage and found the sled.

Fortunately for me, and James (name changed), there are a number of woodland areas near me that have great hills for sledding. So James and I waited patiently for the snow to arrive.

The first load was a bit pathetic and lasted about 5 minutes, and disappeared. But on Sunday the snow came with a bit more volume and James and I headed to our chosen venue, wrapped up and ready for our hours exercise.

James had never done this before so let him watch me, the big kid, go first. When I got back up the hill after my first run he was laughing hysterically. He said that the sight of me shooting down the slope, at speed, was amusing. So now it was his turn.

I offered to sit on with him but he refused it with the immortal words “what could go wrong”. As it turned out, for James, quite a lot went wrong. He started off ok but then lost control, narrowly missed a dog and its owner, turned sideways and rolled about three times. I remember looking at the view over the local General Hospital as I walked down to see if he was ok.

When I got there he was lying still on the floor, he then turned over and I could see that he was laughing hysterically. I chucked some snow on him and he got up and we dragged the sled back up the hill. So that was it, for the next hour (honestly) we took turns in whizzing down the hill until we were both very red faced and had wet clothes. So we headed off for a cup of tea, a shower and a change of clothes.

The rest of Sunday was enjoyed in its normal way with football and eating. James then asked if we could sort out his clothes and see what he had as he felt he was growing out of some of it and it cluttered up his drawers and wardrobe space. We scheduled that in for the following day and we agreed to make a list of anything he needed.

So the following day, after school work, we settled down to sort his clothes out. We had two black bags full of clothes which were far too small and we bagged them up and left them in the garage to take to the charity shop once they reopened.

We then made of list of things that James needed, which was mainly sweat shirts, hoodies and jogging bottoms. His school clothes were ok, except a couple of shirts that were not as white as they used to be.

So after we sorted everything we went on the M&S site to order his shirts and I left him with the Sports Direct site to pick some other gear. That was then ordered and we would have to wait a few days for home delivery.

James had a lot more storage space and he was happy that some new gear was arriving soon.

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